Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Blood Brother

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Aria may have been in denial before, but it became quite clear in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 19 that her brother Mike has crossed over to the dark side.

So is he helping Alison? Or plotting against her? Join Paul Dailly, Winston Rice, and Leigh Raines to discuss the latest drama in Rosewood!

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 19?

Paul: Favorite scene has got to be the final one. It's setting up for Hanna to take the fall, but wouldn't it be a good twist if Mike had actually changed the names a little and A really had Aria's blood?

Winston: The scene between Hanna and her dad. I love it when Hanna sticks up for herself. This was followed closely by the scene between Ezra and Hanna. It was a sweet moment between two characters who rarely share the screen together. I also pretty much love any scene between Hanna and her mom. They have one of the best mother-daughter relationships on TV.

Leigh: Going with Ezra and Hanna bonding on this one. I hate seeing one of my liars cry! It was a great moment between two cast members who don't often film together. I also love that even though Aria and Ezra broke up, Ezra is still there for her friends.

Emily couldn't give blood. Why would the writers single her out?

Paul: Probably a red herring which would suggest she is A, or maybe to show she has more common sense than the other liars.

Winston: There has to be a clear reason behind it, just not really sure what. I like Paul's theory, though!

Leigh: Somebody has to be able to bail the other three out of jail! We need a liar on the outside, someone who is in the clear.

What do you think about Talia now that you know her secret?

Paul: We all knew she had secrets. It was just a matter of time before they would surface. I think Emily should steer clear of her. She has enough drama in her life with A and this just seems like it's going cause her pain, pain and more pain. We all know that if she gets serious with Talia that Paige will appear and cause problems.

Winston: Dump her, Em. She's not good enough for you. You're no homewrecker! You're a chick magnet. Onto the next one.

Leigh: Like Winston and Jay Z said "on to the next one!" You know I'm always wary of new people on this show...Talia is no exception.

Give your theory on Mike and Cyrus.

Paul: This is all just coming out of nowhere which is very annoying. I'm guessing Mike thinks the liars caused Mona's death and that's the reason he is helping. Not much else to say about this.

Winston: I sort of agree with Paul. Mike claims to have loved Mona, so maybe this is just his way of ensuring that the real killer is put behind bars. OR he is the real killer and is desperately trying to cover his ass.

Leigh: I agree with the guys that Mike is doing this for Mona. He definitely doesn't trust the liars, including his own sister, despite Mona having been on good terms with them when she died. Cyrus also hates Ali. But why is Ali calling Mike from jail? I'm still unclear on that.

Is Andrew going to play a new love interest? Or is Jonny the more likely suspect? Or both?

Paul: I think they both are. Aria and Spencer need a distraction from the dramas of their current relationships. Both guys seem like worthy suitors, that is unless they are in cahoots with A.

Winston: At this point, Jonny is the more likely suspect. Spoby is far more volatile than Ezria these days, and I'm pretty sure Aria just sees Andrew as a helpful encyclopedia. But she might want to put her phone down if she wants get any real studying done!

Leigh:I don't think anything with Andrew will pan out. Everyone knows that Aria always goes back to Ezra. BUT he did help save the girls this week. Although I think Spencer was a little bit annoyed that he interrupted their conversation with Cyrus.

How will Hanna get financial aid for college?

Paul: She'll win the pageant. Just kidding, I think Ashley will stick with Tom if he lets her, purely for financial security. It must be really hard for her seeing her daughter go through this tough time.

Winston: Once the girls discover who A is, they should try and score some emotional damages for all the torture A has put them through. And voila! Hanna's solution for college tuition.   

Leigh: Some random secret fund will appear for Hanna. Sometimes A likes to throw the girls a bone. Or maybe Caleb can hack A's bank account!

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Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 20 is titled "Pretty Isn't The Point." 

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Aria: What do we do know? We just wait until A paints the town red in our DNA?
Hanna: One drop here, one spot there, and kaboom; we're all sharing a jail cell with Ali.
Spencer: You are like the queen of not helping!

Jonny: I thought maybe you'd enjoy coloring outside the lines for once.
Spencer: For once? I was arrested Jonny, for murder. And they dropped the charges, but I can't mess up again. I can't be arrested again.