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On Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 19, the liars grow increasing suspicious of Mike.

The girls all attend a blood drive for the church. Emily can't donate because she was in Haiti this past year. Not a lot of people show up, so the girls feel obligated to go for Ashley. They run into Mike there and he drops something creating a commotion. They find him over by the blood samples and he runs out.

Aria is still in denial that her brother would ever help Ali. Her mind is so flustered that she cheats on her math test. Andrew Campbell catches her and comes over to tutor her. The girls later ask for a ride so they can follow MIke.

Before this, Aria answered his phone and it was Alison calling from jail using the name "Hank Mahoney." When the girls follow Mike, they catch him with Cyrus. Cyrus hates Alison. They figure out they Mike gave him their blood and possibly 400 dollars.

At the end we see A putting drops of the girls' blood onto Mona's bloody clothes. 

Meanwhile Emily finds out that Talia is married. They talk and seem to clear things up.

Hanna finds out she is denied financial aid because of her father. When she asks for help, he already chose to help her stepsister Kate.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Aria: What do we do know? We just wait until A paints the town red in our DNA?
Hanna: One drop here, one spot there, and kaboom; we're all sharing a jail cell with Ali.
Spencer: You are like the queen of not helping!

Jonny: I thought maybe you'd enjoy coloring outside the lines for once.
Spencer: For once? I was arrested Jonny, for murder. And they dropped the charges, but I can't mess up again. I can't be arrested again.