Shameless Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Crazy Love

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This may be the week Shameless officially broke me. It's hard to put in to words all the emotions that go through you when you watch an episode like this one. 

Sure, there were moments of comedy, Frank is smelly and Fiona punches Jimmy/Steve over and over again, but then there were moments of sheer sadness. The image of Ian collapsing with baby Evgeni, his back cascading down a row of charcoal bags, is one that just stays with you.

Shameless Season 5 Episode 6 was a beautiful disaster, with some pretty mesmerizing performances. 

Taking Over - Shameless

Ian's decline has been a long time coming and tonight he finally hit rock bottom. Honestly, a lot of Ian's scenes were hard to watch. When he placed Evgeni on the hood of the car and then on the counter at the convenience store, I was on the verge of yelling at the television screen. I just kept thinking, please don't hurt this baby, please don't hurt this baby. 

It was a little odd that no one in that convenience store thought to call the cops. But, then again, what would you do in that situation? It's hard to say. 

An easier decision was made by the woman who saw Ian leave the baby in the car. She called the cops immediately and, when they confronted Ian, he lost it. Incredible work throughout this episode by Cameron Monaghan, but none better for me than his scene. My heart broke for Ian in that moment. 

Back home, everyone was worried about Ian, especially Mickey. 

Alright shithead, this is like the two hundredth time I'm calling and you not picking up. I'm starting to get fucking homicidal. Call me the fuck back, Ian. I'm worried about you. I love you. Call me back.


Mickey is a shell of the Shameless Season 1 terror of yesteryears. Since coming out of the closet, Mickey isn't running from who he is anymore and tonight he really laid his emotions on the table. 

I've realized that when Mickey cries, I cry. Watching him and Ian embrace before Ian was led off to the psychiatric ward was utterly heartbreaking. I didn't have any tears left Shameless, yet you got me again!

Ian's journey is really just beginning now that he's accepted he needs help and I hope Mickey continues to stand by his partner. 

Now, onto the land of Fiona and her many suitors. Jimmy/Steve is back and from the way he was acting; I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon. How many times can one dude say I love you in an hour? If you're Jimmy/Steve, then approximately 50 times. 

Seriously, dude was laying it on thick and I have to admit, I might have fallen for it, too. In her heart, she loves Jimmy/Steve. She always has and she always will. Do I wish she had maybe made him work for it a little more? Sure. But once he was saddling up behind her, nuzzling her neck and saying those three words, we all knew she was a goner. 

I loved the Gallagher reaction to seeing Jimmy/Steve again. Not exactly the warmest of welcomes.

Lip: What the fuck is he doing here?
Fiona: I have no idea.
Jimmy/Steve: Hey Lip, how you been?
Lip: I thought you were married?
Fiona: I am.
Sami: You're married?
Fiona: Uh huh.
Debbie: What? To who?
Lip: To Gus.
Carl: The musician?
Sami: Is that Gus?
Debbie: No, that's Jimmy.
Sami: Who's Jimmy?
Debbie: Her old boyfriend.
Sami: Then who's Gus?

When Gus dropped by the morning after Fiona's tryst with her ex, I thought for sure Jimmy/Steve was going to come downstairs and all hell was going to break loose. But, no, I guess they're saving that altercation for another time. 

The pity with this story is, I like Gus, but what the hell do we know about him? Hell, he doesn't even know much about the Gallagher's. It's hard to get invested in someone you can't connect with. Jimmy/Steve may be an arrogant jerk at times, but at least we know who he is. 

There were some other things happening this week, like Debbie starting high school and being hailed as "Deadly Debbie". Frank was wasting away because that's what Frank does. And Sami was integrating herself into the family more. 

I wanted Sami to get more involved in the Gallagher world and I liked her more tonight than I have in awhile. She seems to run a bit of a tight ship and with Fiona off dealing with her relationship woes, it may not be a bad thing for her to stick around and look after the kids. 

Oh, also Kev and V are separating, which is for the best right now. Sometimes a separation is needed so you can put some things into perspective. I'd love to see them work it out, but if V doesn't get some help and change her attitude, then maybe they should be apart. 

Okay, this episode belonged to Cameron Monaghan, Noel Fisher and Emmy Rossum. Where are the awards for these people?!?!

I'm curious to know what you guys thought of "Crazy Love"? Best episode of the season so far? What was your favorite moment? What's next for Fiona and Gus? Will Jimmy/Steve stick around Chicago?

Leave me a comment and we can discuss everything, right after I have another ugly cry!

Crazy Love Review

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Hey, I need to borrow your car. Ian just stole a baby.

Lip [to Amanda]

What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to sit on my porch knitting, hoping one day you'd show back up. You disappeared. Gone. Nothing.

Fiona [to Jimmy/Steve]