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Fiona confronts Jimmy/Steve after he shows up at the diner. She hits him repeatedly and demands to know where he's been. He tells her a bunch of stories she doesn't believe and he also tells her he loves her. Their reunion is interrupted by the news that Ian has gone missing. 

Ian is on the road with baby Evgeni, singing to the radio and telling him that they are headed to Florida. 

At home, Mickey is freaking out and begging Svetlana not to call the cops. 

Sami is taking over the motherly duties at the Gallagher house and refusing to let Frank sleep in one of the bedrooms. When Jimmy/Steve shows up, everyone is shocked to see him and it's also finally revealed to everyone that Fiona is married to Gus. As Fiona and Jimmy/Steve talk more, the family watches on as they embrace. 

After spending the night together, Fiona kicks him out. 

On the road, Ian has to stop for diapers and food. Unable to pay for everything, someone offers to pay for the diapers as the other shoppers look on horrified. 

Realizing that he needs more money, Ian heads to a gay establishment and leaves Evgeni in the car. A woman sees this and calls the cops. When Ian comes back, he runs with the baby and is eventually apprehended by the cops. 

Mickey, Lip, Debbie and Carl retrieve Ian from the police station and make the decision to commit him to an institution. 

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Hey, I need to borrow your car. Ian just stole a baby.

Lip [to Amanda]

What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to sit on my porch knitting, hoping one day you'd show back up. You disappeared. Gone. Nothing.

Fiona [to Jimmy/Steve]