Supernatural Round Table: Cain Versus Dean!

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Cain made his triumphant return on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 14, flowing hair and all.

So were TV Fanatic staff writers Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice Jester impressed? And what did they think of that ending?

Join in the latest Supernatural Round Table to find out. And tell us what you thought as well!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Narsimha: I thought the tension when Dean was handing over the Blade after his showdown with Cain was great -- I truly didn't know if he was going to snap and kill Crowley or something. Also, although I thought the writing was too heavy-handed, I loved Cain explaining to Dean how his fate would play out. Dean's never been one to believe in fate -- and being told that him killing his closest friend, and brother, probably made him even more resolute in fighting the Mark.

Alice: I’ve got two. First, Dean’s confrontation with Cain. It was so intense and my stomach was in knots the whole time. Dean was literally pushed into his dark destiny so soon after he swore he was making the most of the MOC and I’m scared for him. Jensen just killed it and that whole barn setting was fantastic (great cinematography and direction).

Second, the ending scene. Both Sam and Dean pretend there’s hope in front of each other but Sam knew. He’s distraught expression told the whole story before he said the words to Castiel, “Dean’s in trouble.” I’m officially freaked out now.

Sean: I've got to agree about Dean's face off with Cain. There felt like some real stakes. There were two great performances mixed with some entertaining action. And the end result was a huge repercussion for Dean. What a great scene.

Did you enjoy Cain's return?

Narsimha: Yeah for sure. I used to love Timothy Omundson on Psych, and seeing him be a complete badass on Supernatural is great for any fan.

Alice: Oh yes, very much. He was chillingly real in his purpose and focus. He believed he was just in killing all the people in his bloodline and had a clear grasp on the horrific things he was doing. That made him much more terrifying. How someone could be so committed to genocide and yet deliver plausibility that he’s doing the right thing to the audience shows the great things Tim Omundson brings to that role. Plus that hair! Epic! 

Sean: In a lot of ways I wish we got more episodes with him, but yes, he had a fantastic return. He has such an onscreen presence that commands the screen and he had some very interesting motivations for the hour. And that showdown? They definitely nailed casting when they picked Timothy Omundson.

Were you surprised Dean killed Cain?

Narsimha: Sort of, yeah. I definitely didn't expect the fight to have a resolution like that -- I thought there would be more to Cain for sure.

Alice: Yes, in a way, but he didn’t have a choice. He clearly didn’t want to do it, and every fiber of his being told him that killing Cain would be very bad, but he did it anyway. It was the only way to prevent the murder of millions. He knew though the great cost to himself by doing that, thus his hesitation, not to mention jeopardizing Castiel and Sam. His demand to kill him if he came out of the confrontation wrong broke my heart. So did his admission to Sam that he was scared.

Sean: I liked feeling like I wasn’t sure which way he would go. It was a great scene that really showed Dean’s conflict in using the First Blade to kill him. He didn’t want to do it, but Cain said he wouldn’t stop either. What a heartbreaking move he had to make that might wind up costing him in the long run.

Will Crowley change his attitude towards Sam and Dean after this episode's events (and because Rowena called him out?)

Narsimha: Yeah, 100% sure he's going to get mean/evil/demonic as hell (no pun intended) from now on. Not only did his mom basically neuter him, Dean proved once again that Crowley and him simply aren't on the same team -- and never will be.

Alice: Yes, and it’s about freaking time. I’m tired of the flipping King of Hell moping around the gallows pining for his one true love while dealing with momma issues. It’s only been 14 episodes. Neutering him like this has been a travesty! He should be the fearsome leader of evil he’s supposed to be. Demons and hunters cannot co-exist as friends. It’s like dogs and cats living together. I just wish he not only sticks it to Sam and Dean (who need a real foe again), but he ends up two timing (and/or skewering) that annoying witch mother of his. 

Sean: It’s disappointing that I’ve been wanting less Crowley this season because of Rowena. I just hope that Dean’s betaryal of him, and his mother calling him out for being friends, really kick starts his evil side back up. Where’s the formidable Crowley? It’s time for him to come back, and I think this episode really turned his direction. Hopefully.

How much trouble is Dean really in?

Narsimha: I don't know... he seemed fine to me. I would think getting past the initial fight would be a huge hurdle, and he dealt with that well enough. Maybe Sam has some secret brother ESP that I don't know about, because the last scene of the episode was pretty melodramatic with him declaring that Dean's "not alright."

Alice: Craploads. He did the one thing that God himself commanded people never do, he killed Cain! The thunder that rang in the background as Cain went down is only one of those nasty biblical omens. Wrath is coming. Plus, who’s going to be able to kill Dean? Only the first blade can kill him, and we know that he can’t take his own life with the first blade (per Crowley’s story in the S9 finale). The only thing I see taking him down is vengeance from God himself. The question is, will his so called fate play out before that happens? Will he end up killing Crowley, Castiel, and Sam? I think they’re all in trouble.

Sean: I’m really wondering how much trouble Dean is in too. Clearly, killing Cain would have consequences, but Dean did manage to hand over the First Blade peacefully. Something big is definitely going to happen and Sam’s worry (and did Dean give a look as he passed Castiel at the end?) really must mean he can tell something’s up.

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