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On this episode of Supernatural…

Sam and Dean investigate a prisoner’s mysterious disappearance only to discover that Cain is behind it.

Castiel, still on the hunt for Cain, discovers a field of bodies by Cain.

Cain says he his hunting down his bloodline and killing them all.

Dean prepares to take down Cain with the First Blade, and he and Sam head to Ohio, where Cain’s next victim is living.

Crowley gives Dean the First Blade, and Dean battles Cain. Dean manages to cut off Cain’s hand and then kills him, despite not wanting to.

Dean gives the First Blade back to Castiel, and he lets Crowley know that he lied to him.

Crowley is angry at Dean, and Rowena chooses to leave her son.

Sam tells Castiel that he’s worried that Dean is in trouble.

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