Supernatural Season 10 Episode 14 Review: The Executioner's Song

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It’s kind of crazy to think that Cain has only appeared in one other episode besides Supernatural Season 10 Episode 14.

Actor Timothy Omundson was able to provide such a powerful presence, one both scary and mysterious, in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11, that he transformed a character from one that could have easily been forgotten to a formidable force viewers would want to see again.

To put a unique spin on Cain’s backstory (he killed his brother, Abel, to save him from Lucifer) only added to the intrigue surrounding the character.

So I was excited Cain was finally going to make his return (I’ve been eager to see a dangerous and threatening antagonist, considering Rowena just hasn’t been cutting it), and he did not disappoint.

His introduction to the hour alone had me hooked, slowly walking the prison, lights shutting out around him, before killing that prisoner and commenting about whether he was there to save him or kill him. He definitely had the menacing look down, complete with bushy beard and long-flowing locks.

Was Sam and Dean’s discovery of him the most convenient thing, considering they’ve had no leads on his whereabouts for like, ever? For sure, but I was willing to overlook that to get a worthy character spicing up the series again.

Plus, it allowed Castiel's and Crowley’s return to be much more in line with the core plot of the hour, rather than some side stories that were less than interesting.

Castiel was searching for Cain, something that was mentioned over the phone in previous episodes, but we got to see him hunting down demons and playing a bit of detective.

But to see him in that field of bodies (it sort of reminded me of the landscape of fallen trees after Dean’s return from Hell) and face off with Cain was chilling and exciting. Castiel was able to learn of Cain’s bold new plan (trying to get rid of his tainted bloodline) and looked ready to fight him. He wasn’t successful, but there was a feeling of tension that Cain could actually harm the trenchcoat-wearing angel.

I even liked the twisted concept that Cain had – trying to do good in his eyes, but still being a killer right to the bitter end. He couldn’t escape the Mark and was trying to take down all those connected. It definitely made you question whether Dean might befall a similar fate.

It was no surprise that Dean would step up to try and take Cain down, even risking major repercussions by reuniting himself with the First Blade.

A very cool fight sequence between Cain and Dean ensued, despite Dean being relatively outmatched, even with the First Blade. Sometimes I get so used to the good guys and bad guys throwing one punch and then monologuing before some quick take down, that it was nice to have some real combat take place.

I was disappointed, thought, that Cain’s end came during the hour (so he can have his hand cut off with a regular blade but only the First Blade can kill him?).

Kudos to Jensen Ackles for bringing an emotional part to Dean during the scene. It wasn’t just about killing Cain and stopping him. It was also about Dean trying to get control of the Mark.

He didn't want to kill Cain and Dean did the deed in heartbreaking fashion.

There truly felt like a certain transformation had taken place after the fight and with Dean choosing to kill Cain, but Sam seemed to think Dean's in trouble. So, is he?

With Cain gone though and no cure seemingly in sight, what end result is there for the elder Winchester? I’m very curious to see where that storyline goes.

I have no doubt that Crowley – who was tricked by Dean – and Rowena will play into the final stretch of episodes and Dean and the Mark, but I hope its a massive shift from the ridiculous back and forth between the King of Hell and his mother. I really was glad when Crowley left his mother behind to help Sam and Dean because the stuff in his dungeon just doesn't interest me.

Overall though, this was a strong outing for Supernatural Season 10, giving us a fantastic character's return and some major consequences that look to affect the rest of the season.

What did you think of Cain's return? Is Dean in trouble? Sound off below, and catch that Dean and Cain battle again when you watch Supernatural online now.

The Executioner's Song Review

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