The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Byzantium

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As The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 11 begins, it’s been a week since Vega’s funeral and Patrick Jane is no where to be found. Apparently he did exactly what he told Lisbon he was going to do…he left. 

For the Grand Canyon. He did say he was going to find someplace nice and the Grand Canyon is beautiful but was it really necessary to ignore all of Lisbon’s phone calls? Even if he didn’t want to talk, he could have texted her and said he was fine but he needed some space. Leaving her in the dark was just cruel. 

Somehow Jane assumed that Lisbon should know that he’d be back. I suppose he’s always returned in the past but sometimes it’s taken months or even years. Lisbon had every right to be worried, angry and hurt and she was obviously all three. 

In the middle of it all there was a double homicide and a supposed psychic. Admittedly, Gabriel was good but I’m with Lisbon. There wasn’t anything that he said that he couldn’t have come up with by doing some research. Vega’s death would have made the news and so would Abbott’s wife’s appointment in Washington D.C. As Lisbon pointed out, everyone has doubts when facing big change, even change they’re excited about. 

Yet somehow Gabriel new about the killer removing the victim’s fingernails and the location of five more bodies. That means he’s either the killer or he has a connection to the killer…and I don’t mean a psychic connection. 

Of course Gabriel did tell Patrick that the number three would play a role in his near future but Jane was right. Once you begin looking for a specific number, you see it everywhere. Although the three-legged English Setter was a gorgeous dog. I probably would have followed it too. 

In the middle of it all, Wiley was trying to find his way while Cho was attempting to control his emotional outbursts. Cho needs an outlet for everything he keeps bottled up inside. As usual, I liked the way Abbott handled the situation. He brought it to light, offered advice but didn’t push. 

Wiley suddenly wanted to do field work. Honestly, I think he’s better off as the tech guy. His experience in that area is invaluable to an investigation but perhaps Vega’s death has pushed him to try new things. As Cho pointed out, I hope he’s diving into this because it’s something he really wants to do and not for any other reason. 

I found it amusing that Cho seemed so oblivious to Jane and Lisbon’s personal relationship when he pushed Lisbon to find Jane while Abbott let her know that he knew she and Jane were working out some issues. And I loved that Lisbon issued a warrant for his arrest in order to bring him back home. 

By the end, Jane had decided to come back. Was it simply that he needed to find a place where he can have some peace? Is that what that cabin means to him? Does his return mean he will continue to work with Lisbon at the FBI? Whether he will or not, Lisbon made her feelings clear in this The Mentalist quote

I just can't run away from my work. This job is too important to me.

Teresa Lisbon

As we head towards the two-hour The Mentalist series finale next week, it appears the team has one last serial killer to catch and it isn’t Gabriel the psychic whose psychic abilities were on the fritz when it came to his own murder. Speaking of which, Gabriel’s murder was so reminiscent of Red John that I half expected to see the red smiley face on the wall next to him. Apparently someone else out there doesn’t like fake psychics.

Were you happy with Jane’s return? Should Lisbon have forgiven him so quickly and what do you hope to see as the series wraps up?

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Byzantium Review

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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Patrick Jane: You knew I’d be back.
Teresa Lisbon: No, I didn’t. I can’t read minds.

Officer: So you are Patrick Jane?
Patrick Jane: All day, every day, unfortunately.