The Vampire Diaries Round Table: RIP, Liz Forbes

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Last Thursday, on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14, an event we knew was coming finally arrived. Liz Forbes succumbed to cancer and Caroline and Co. had to say goodbye.

We cried. We're still crying. We'll cry again this Thursday.

But for now, Leigh Raines, Paul Dailly, Miranda Wicker and Heather Vee of Love You To Death are bidding Liz Forbes a fond farewell - and talking about Jeremy's secret! Check it out now and then jump into the comments section below...

Vampire Diaries RT 1-27-15 - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Stay?"

Leigh: Definitely Damon and Liz going through the cases together. I always enjoyed their bond and it made Liz feel a sense of completion in the end. 

Paul: I agree with Leigh. This scene was excellent. I liked how it linked back to a lot of different events. 

Heather: I thought the scene where Liz realized the Gilberts had truly died in an accident - not supernaturally -  was so well done, and it underscored Liz's own situation of dying a human death. As she said herself, that was a point of pride! 

Miranda: Ugh. Damon and Liz. Those scenes were heartbreaking. But my favorite moment goes to Caroline entering her mother's mind. The juxtaposition of Tiny Caroline saying she's not ready for her mom to let go with Younger Liz saying it was time while present day Liz was dying was I think I might cry again.

RIP Liz Forbes! Say goodbye to the sheriff of Mystic Falls.

Leigh: Still crying. I like what you said about how she truly was the last adult figure in these kids' lives. Liz was the keeper of the secrets in Mystic Falls. Losing her feels like losing one of the last pillars of the community we started with.

Paul: It was very emotional. I loved she and Caroline connected in her mind with the scene on the bike. I can't believe we've lost another original character. I thought her death would result in Caroline spiraling out of control, but now it seems like Stefan will keep her grounded. We'll all miss Liz Forbes. RIP.

Heather: Mystic Falls without Sheriff Forbes and Liz/Damon banter is a lesser place indeed. Liz Forbes has been around since The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 4, and we've seen her relationship with Caroline change and grow over six seasons, so it really was like saying goodbye to a member of the family. 

Miranda: I did not realize I was quite so attached to Liz Forbes until now, but man, I'm going to miss her. She wasn't just the last parent we got to meet, she was really the ONLY parent we got to meet. Bonnie's dad was pretty irrelevant. The Gilberts were both dead by the time the series started. Matt Donovan's mom was horrid. Caroline's family ties are the only ones we've really explored. This is just sad.

Stefan and Caroline finally kissed. React:

Leigh: I originally wasn't a fan, but I feel like they did build it up over a period of time. It felt more organic than I thought it would.

Paul: Always been a fan of them. Elena doesn't deserve him. Caroline does. I can't express how glad I am they finally kissed. I can't wait to see what's next for the two of them.

Heather: And it was fine? I dunno. We'll see. I definitely need to see more engagement from Stefan's end.  Beautifully shot scene, though!

Miranda: I'm against the notion that every character needs to be romantically involved while simultaneously being the kind of person who subconsciously ships couples. I like the idea of Stefan and Caroline together, but what I want to see more than those two romantically linked is Caroline going off the deep end and Stefan being the one to pull her back from the brink. Also, what's up with the flares of light behind kissing couples this season?

What do you think about Jeremy leaving home to become a vampire hunter?

Leigh: Cool twist! Feels more meaningful than just art school. I like that Alaric knows too.

Paul: I'm so over Jeremy Gilbert and if he never comes back, I'd be one happy fan. his storyline ended way back and the writers have been fighting to keep him relevant for too long.

Heather: I'm so glad he wasn't just going off to art school! Is it weird that I was more worried about how this will affect Bonnie when she returns than Jeremy leaving in the first place?  

Miranda: I have to admit that I was very confused about Jeremy going to art school since we haven't seen him draw anything in about...5 years. Needless to say, I really love this.  I vote for a Jer-Matt-Tyler spin-off where Tyler has become a wolf again and the three of them just go around killing evil supernatural creatures.

What's been your favorite Jeremy moment from the past six seasons?

Leigh: Hmm, lots of good ones. I loved when developed the ability to reach Anna and Vicki. Also first sex with Bonnie was yummy.

Paul: Could I say him leaving? LOL. Just kidding. He wasn't as annoying way back in Season 1 when he was dating Anna. His reaction to her death was heartbreaking.

Heather:  Jeremy kicking Silas's ass in the beginning of season five. "Plus, I work out." PERFECTION.

Miranda: Let's play a game of Clue: Jeremy. On the porch. With a meat cleaver. That might have been the most badass moment Jeremy Gilbert ever had.

How long will Sarah Salvatore be sticking around and do you even care?

Leigh: I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'd be really happy if Matt and Sarah teamed up and staked Enzo. Sorry.  

Paul: I would like her to stick around for at least the season. She seems really interesting. I hope they don't kill her off in the next few weeks.

Heather: I have a hard time caring about Sarah Salvatore when Enzo's character is being murdered right before my very eyes. Someone please, please, please make this storyline stop. 

Miranda: If she's smart, she won't stick around for long. Humans never fare well there. I want Matt Donovan to have a story arc as much as the next person, but saddling both him and Sarah, this potentially interesting new situation for Damon and Stefan to deal with, with this Enzo crap? Pass.

We'll watch the crew in Mystic Falls say goodbye to Liz Forbes on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15. And remember you can watch The Vampire Diaries online!

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