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On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14, Liz Forbes remembers the day Elena's parents went over the Wickery Bridge as she cleans out her office. Their case is still open.

Elena and Damon meet with the high school principal to convince him to let Jeremy graduate early so he can attend art school. The principal mentions Jeremy's woeful attendance and refuses to let him leave. When Elena's way fails, Damon compels the principal. 

During Jeremy's going away party with Matt and Alaric, Enzo calls to tell Matt he's brought Duke to Mystic Falls. Sarah Salvatore walks in and says she got a call about taking photos of the Grill for the website. Matt gives her the tour and Damon and Elena walk in with Jeremy's diploma. 

Caroline and Stefan move Liz into a secluded cabin. She's still trying to close cases and doesn't know what Caroline's planning. Damon visits Liz at the station and helps her close cases by admitting to many of his murders over the years. She hands him the Gilbert file and when he says he wasn't the reason they drove over the Wickery Bridge, she plays a voicemail Miranda Gilbert left for her two hours before she died.

Elena follows Jeremy into the alley behind the Grill and finds him on the verge of lighting the joint Damon gave him as a going away present. She tries to stop him and then decides to join him in the toke.

Stefan fixes a few things around the cabin and Caroline can't help but stare at him as he works. She tells him it's okay if he has somewhere else he needs to be and he says he doesn't.

Damon and Liz continue working the Gilbert accident. Damon says he came back to town that night because he was putting flowers at his mother's grave. Liz doesn't believe him and thinks he's holding something back about the circumstances of both his arrival and his mother's death. He points out that the Gilberts took a longer route across the bridge that night and their trunk was full of luggage, as if they were planning to leave town.

Jeremy and Elena continue reminiscing about their life together, starting with the number of cars they've destroyed. While they're talking, Liz calls. When Elena ignores the call, Damon calls. Elena leaves for the station and Enzo shows up in the alley. He uses Jeremy as leverage to get Matt to take Sarah to a remote tunnel outside of town.

While Caroline unpacks some of Liz's favorite things, Caroline starts freaking out about Liz's final book. Stefan offers to step in and handle that job and Caroline goes out to open a bottle of bourbon. 

Elena can't help Liz and Damon make any sense of the new information from the night her parents died. She makes plans to ask Jeremy if he knows anything about that night and then Liz has a dizzy spell. 

Sarah and Matt go for a walk through the tunnel and she tells him she doesn't have a boyfriend. Enzo calls again and then runs Matt over inside the tunnel.

Caroline still doesn't believe that Stefan isn't with her because her mother asked. Hearing that she hated him was the worst thing he'd heard in a long time. They kiss and then neither of them knows what to say.

Sarah plans to call 911 and Matt tells her she needs to leave. Enzo walks into the tunnel and tells Sarah he can help Matt but what she's about to see might be strange. He asks her to remain calm and then he heals Matt and whooshes away.

Elena finds Jeremy in the kitchen icing his face, vows to beat Enzo up, and then tells Jeremy that Liz is suspicious about their parents' death. Jeremy thinks the call to Liz was about the fact that he was high that night and Miranda caught him and threatened to have him arrested. From there they deduce that a storm the day before the accident was the reason the Gilberts went off the bridge that night. Liz asks Damon to call Caroline and tell her that the surprise will have to wait until the following day and he goes to get the car to take her home.

Elena and Alaric say goodbye to Jeremy, who tries to back out of leaving. 

Damon helps Liz home and into bed. She breaks down over the fact that she's dying. Damon comforts her and Liz asks him to write her eulogy then she asks for a drink. She falls asleep almost immediately and Damon can't wake her. Caroline and Stefan meet him at the hospital where doctors have decided to make Liz comfortable. Caroline laments the fact that she didn't get to say goodbye.

Alaric takes Jeremy to the bus stop and hands him a hunter's bag. Jeremy isn't actually going to art school. He's decided to pursue his destiny as a hunter instead. Only Alaric knows his secret.

Stefan teaches Caroline how to go into Liz's mind so she can say goodbye.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

[to Liz] Not to be blunt, but I think dying gets you a ticket out of work. Just sayin'.


Damon: Look who graduated!
Jeremy: He was fine with it?
Damon: I mean, you're practicaly flunking, missed 100 days of school, and you can barely spell the word "cat," but sure. He was fine with it.