Arrow Round Table: Considering the Command

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Things were kicked up a notch on Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 as Oliver learned "The Offer" was actually a command.

The round table participants discuss the repercussions of Ra's masquerading as Arrow, Olicity, Nyssa's arrival in Starling City and more.

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Paul Dailly, Hank Otero, Carla Day and Carissa Pavlica as they break down these topics and be sure to plant your own thoughts in the comments so you can join in the discussion.

Arrow RT 1-27-15 - depreciated -

What was the most shocking moment of "The Offer"?

Allison: Oh that's hard to pick. I'm going to go with Captain Lance telling Laurel that he will never be able to forgive her for lying about Sara. Being mad at her was expected, but this signifies a huge rift in their relationship that can never be repaired. Laurel has such a strong relationship with her father. I'm curious to see how it changes, and how it affects both of them.

Paul: I'm with Allison on this one. I knew it would take time for him to heal, but I never expected him to say that to her. I also fully understand that he feels betrayed by his daughter, but at the same time she did it to protect him. He wasn't in any fit state to find out about Sara. It really could have sent him to the grave.

Hank: I'm torn between the fact the Lazarus Pit actually exists in the Arrowverse (thought they were avoiding that) and the fact Ra's al Ghul suited up as the Arrow in the final moments. I understand the reasoning behind it, guess I just never imaged Ra's would don the hood.

Carla: Captain Lance's reaction to both Laurel and the Arrow and the vitriol towards them was definitely shocking. The most shocking was that Ra's would come to Starling City, don a green hood and kill the suspects the way that he did. How did he know who to target? Where they would be? It seemed beneath the Great Ra's al Ghul to impersonate Oliver/Arrow that way, though it was a sign of how seriously Ra's believes in the preordained fate of "Ra's al Ghul."

Carissa: I'll rock the boat a little. I found it shocking that Oliver really considered the offer at all. Things haven't been perfect by any means, but he has some really great friends around him so that he thinks his life is in the crapper is a surprisingly defeatist attitude that I didn't expect. Before anyone wants to shoot arrows in my back, may I remind you Diggle and Felicity agreed with me.

What do you think about Oliver's decision making process as he tried to come to a decision regarding Ra's offer?

Allison: I liked that Felicity brought up how everyone had to decide why they were a part of Team Arrow when Oliver was dead. Everyone had to take time to think about why they suit up – if it was just for Oliver or for some other purpose. Oliver's mission as the Arrow has changed since he first started out based on his father's notebook, and he hasn't stopped to think about why he does what he does now.

Paul: Oliver really is becoming annoying. For him, it shouldn't be that difficult a decision to make. He knows everything about what the role entails and should know how it would affect his relationship with Team Arrow.

Hank: Yeah, Oliver's decision making process is just bizarre lately. I'm not sure why he would even contemplate becoming the next Ra's. Of course, that little pool of immortality could have something to do with it. I admit, I'd be taking a dip in that thing religiously. Haha.

Carla: Oliver is lost right now and doesn't know who he is or what he wants to be when he grows up. Oliver isn't a selfless person and the appeal of becoming the next Ra's al Ghul has drawn out that side of him, though it may likely pull at his loving heart as well when he's forced to choose between the role and the lives of those he loves. I'm withholding judgment ... for now.

Carissa: Oliver tends to see the negatives first. Diggle said it perfectly. He's considering it because Capt. Lance is mad at him and Felicity is temporarily otherwise engaged, REALLY? It's rather ludicrous and I say far too reactive for a super hero. Don't yell at me! No, it's not hate, it's disappointment. I want him to expect of himself what he expects of others. It seems rather simple.

Do you notice a change in Felicity's behavior around Oliver now and to what do you attribute it?

Allison: For awhile, Felicity has been mad at Oliver what with the whole dying thing, teaming up with Malcolm, etc, so we haven't seen the two of them in their normal routine for awhile. What I found more interesting was how Oliver held himself at a distance when talking to Felicity, especially in the scene after Oliver interrupts her and Ray at work.

Paul: I think Felicity is telling herself she's finished with Oliver and she's moved on to Ray to tell herself that it really is finished. Deep down, she will always have a thing for Oliver, but to get to a point with them acting on their feelings, there will be a lot of change. That's if she goes back to him.

Hank: There's a definite change, but like Paul says she'll always have a thing for Oliver. Personally, I love Felicity's chemistry with Ray, but I'm not sure that's the endgame here. The writers are going to keep Olicity apart as long as possible, but their feelings are undeniable; poor Ray.

Carla: The change is due to Oliver pushing her away and her growing closer to Ray. She has real feelings for Ray and is in a relationship with him both personally and professionally. She's built up a wall around herself where Oliver is concerned. They will always be friends as she said because she does care about him. There's no more dancing around between Felicity and Oliver (for now) because she's moved on with Ray.

Carissa: Am I the only one who saw how relaxed Felicity was? She was comfortable and flirty with Oliver in a way she hasn't been before. She's always held back and been somewhat afraid to let him know how she felt, even when she wanted to pour herself out to him. Now that she feels special, she's no longer afraid to feel. I think it's beautiful and I really wonder how Oliver feels about it.

Nyssa fighting at the precinct was surprising. What drove her back to Starling City?

Allison: She didn't have anywhere else to go after she had her fight with her father. In Starling, she at least has a connection to Sara through Laurel, and odds are, Team Arrow are as close to friends as Nyssa has. I'm really excited to see more of Nyssa and Laurel. I vote they become roommates.

Paul: I agree that she didn't have anywhere else to go. A lot of her journey this season has been about vengeance and she isn't going to get that with her father handing his title over to Ollie, so she's sticking around Starling to be close to Laurel since that's the closest thing to Sara she has.

Hank: I think she's got the hots for Laurel (looking good in that leather), aside from the fact she and Ra's al Daddy aren't exactly getting along. I love love love the idea of Nyssa training Laurel, and that's one way we can begin to take her seriously as the Black Canary.

Carla: Nyssa didn't have anywhere to go. Her father betrayed her and she couldn't stay with him. Where else would she go? I think she feels a real connection to Team Arrow and especially to Laurel because of Sara. I'm excited to see Nyssa train Laurel. It will provide a purpose for Nyssa, while teaching Laurel skills she needs to not get killed.

Carissa: Nyssa wants a purpose and she has one with Team Arrow. It will also tan her father's hide to know she's fighting with them, which can't hurt matters. Another ass kicking female is welcome and I'd love an entire episode to revolve around the ladies, kicking ass or not – it doesn't even matter.

How do you expect things to turn as a result of Ra's impersonating Arrow?

Allison: I feel like Ra's wants Starling City to turn against the Arrow, so Oliver will be more inclined to accept his offer. I'm really interested to see more of Ra's impersonation of the Arrow.

Paul: It's not going to turn out well. The Arrow's reputation will go back to way it was at the start of the series. This came out of the left field, but could he succeed in turning everyone close to Oliver against him?

Hank: Ra's is going to make sure Starling turns against Oliver, leaving him no choice but to take his place. Is that going to happen? I seriously doubt it, but Ra's al Arrow is going to cause a lot of damage in the meantime, possibly leading to another big character death.

Carla: Ra's is attempting to force Oliver out of Starling City and into the role of the next Ra's al Ghul. From the Paley Fest trailer, his plan will work to turn the city and especially Captain Lance against the Arrow. Oliver's going to be in a world of hurt coming up. Will he hide or will he fight or will he don a new identity as Ra's al Ghul?

Carissa: I hope this isn't going to be a story where Team Arrow questions Oliver's actions for even one second. If that's where this is heading, I'll be very unhappy. He's confused, but not that far gone. It will be interesting to see how they fight back against Ra's. Having Nyssa on their side seems like a real benefit, all things considered. 

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Arrow: You still need training.
Black Canary: When are you going to stop telling me that?
Arrow: When you don't need training.

Ra's al Ghul: You survived my sword. Your resurrection wasn't a gift from these waters, rather by force of your own will. What better heir to immortality than someone who has already claimed victory?
Oliver: I didn't defy death just to become an instrument of it.