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Oliver Queen has the chance to become the next Ra's al Ghul.

Is it really an offer on the table, or is it more of a demand?

On Arrow Season 3 Episode 16, Oliver thinks he's making an informed decision, and those around him range from shock at the idea he's considering it at all to issuing warnings that he's misinterpreted "The Offer" and it's not what he thinks. Turning it down may not be an option.

The offer has repercussions for others, as well. Ra's al Ghul's daughter, Nyssa cannot believe her father has chosen outside of the family for an heir and must decide what this means for her future.

Thea struggles with the return of her father and it's even more difficult since he's taken up residence on her couch. Laurel Lance is having her own father issues as he refuses to forgive her her indiscretions, although he promises he still loves her.

Find out what else is going down and what steps Oliver takes to make his decision when you watch Arrow online by clicking above!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Arrow: You still need training.
Black Canary: When are you going to stop telling me that?
Arrow: When you don't need training.

Ra's al Ghul: You survived my sword. Your resurrection wasn't a gift from these waters, rather by force of your own will. What better heir to immortality than someone who has already claimed victory?
Oliver: I didn't defy death just to become an instrument of it.