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We're breaking down Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 in this Round Table, as Thea cleansed herself of all her secrets, Ra's al Ghul made a surprising offer to Oliver that will also affect Nyssa ... and Raylicity threw fans for a loop.

Chat about it all (or, only talk about Olicity in protest) when you join TV Fanatics Hank Otero, Paul Dailly, Allison Nichols, Carla Day and Carissa Pavlica by sharing your thoughts in the comments.

Arrow RT 1-27-15 - depreciated -

What did you think of Thea's decision to come clean of all of her secrets?

Hank: It's amazing how much Thea has grown this season. I thought she did the right thing, Oliver should have turned Merlyn over from the start. Sure the story would have been way shorter, but it also would have made a helluva lot more sense. I'm not sure I'll ever be a huge Thea fan, yet this new Thea I can at least tolerate. She's well on her way to becoming Speedy and better trained than Laurel at this point.

Paul: It was very mature of her. She has changed so much over the course of the series and is one of the most likeable characters on the show. It must have took a lot of guts to come clean to Laurel. I did expect Laurel to attack her, so it was refreshing that she understood it wasn't her fault.

Allison: I still don't quite get how Thea contacted the League, it's not as if she knows what League members look like or anything. Thea has been acting a little rashly lately. She does things without ever really appearing to think them through. It's an emotional roller coaster with her, and I want it to stop. The one thing I was really proud of her was coming clean to Laurel. I thought Oliver was stupid to tell her not to.

Carla: The character of Thea has evolved from a bratty, annoying kid to a smart, mature woman. Malcolm's an awful person and father, but he did help Thea immensely in her transformation and in solidifying her long held beliefs about secrets. Thea's been the victim of too many secrets in her life, so it made sense she wouldn't want to hold on to one like that. By revealing the truth, she also places the blame for Sara's death where it belongs – on her father. I'm glad she made that decision for Thea and as a means to move the story forward.

Carissa: It is a good question how she contacted the League, but telling Laurel was a bold move. She's proven to be very bold and confident. I didn't necessarily like her pulling back and believing she might be the killer her father planned because of contacting the League to take him away, however. He's a bad man and should pay for his sins, most especially the one against her. Going to Nyssa at the end once again proves how pure of heart and how brave she truly is. The opposite of Malcolm Merlyn.

Raylicity! Discuss.

Hank: If you check out our round tables weekly, you know I've never been pro-Olicity. Even when it looked like the writers were actually going to make them a couple I'd cringe. Now Ray, that's a completely different story. Raylicity just clicked for me the moment they appeared on screen together. I'm glad Felicity has found someone with a lot less drama than Oliver who rocks her world. With Brandon Routh set to appear in the new Superhero Team-Up Spinoff at The CW, that just means more Felicity all around. In short, I love Felicity and Ray together.

Paul: I was against this potential pairing a while back, but I'm okay with it. A happy ever after for Olicity won't happen until the show concludes, so the partners Olicity have in the mean time are just temporary.

Allison: They are adorable. I love them together, and I'm so happy that Felicity has chosen happiness for herself. She could have waited around for Oliver to see what is right in front of him, but she is stronger than that. She isn't the girl who waits. Felicity protects her heart. I loved that after having sex with Felicity, Ray figured out what was wrong with his suit.

Carla: I've always felt Oliver and Felicity's relationship was more platonic and borderline brother-sister than romantic, plus he's just not good for her. She deserves better than Oliver Queen. I thought Felicity and Barry were a better match and now that Ray has entered the picture he's the best match for her yet.

Felicity and Ray have the strongest connection we've seen between any two characters on the show. They connect both intellectually, personally and have an ease with each other that is fun and encouraging to see. They are one of my favorite couples on TV right now. I hope the potential ATOM spin-off doesn't pull them apart.

Carissa: Carla and I were discussing this, and I realized why I am not an Olicity shipper. I would not date Oliver Queen, so I don't want Felicity to date him. He's closed off, borderline nasty much of the time and a control freak. He has a good heart, but it's buried so deep it will take a very, very long time to thaw.

On the other hand, we have Ray. He has been badly hurt, but chose not to let it harden his heart. He took a different path. He's refreshing and I saw honest and pure sparks the first time he and Felicity met that were reciprocated. They're compatible, and share common goals. I am Team Raylicity because I'd be Rayissa. I approve.

Thinking back, the offer to Oliver from Ra's al Ghul isn't really surprising. Share your thoughts.

Hank: It sure surprised me! I know that in Batman Begins Liam Neeson mentioned the title of Ra's being passed to another person, but why would Oliver go for it? He's been on this quest to rid Starling city of evil-doers and now he's going to lead The League of Assassins? I'm not sure how this move makes much sense in the Arrow-verse. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Paul: I'm with Henry. My jaw hit the floor at this development. Why does he want him to take his place? This will make for an interesting final stretch of Arrow Season 3. How will team Arrow react?

Allison: This is such a cool twist. It will allow the writers to explore more of how the League operates. I can't wait to see how Oliver processes this development, and how the rest of Team Arrow takes it. I don't think Nyssa will be happy about it.

Carla: It was unexpected, though at this point I'm baffled by the development. There's got to be something up for R'as al Ghul to shift from "killing" Oliver to wanting Oliver to take over the "R'as al Ghul" legacy. While I'd like to learn more about the League of Assassins, I'm not sure the show, Arrow, is the best place for that. The story should be about protecting Starling City not Nanda Parbat. Though, it could end up being cool....

Carissa: It seems so unlikely it could happen that I'm not putting too much thought into it until I see it come to fruition. Will Oliver consider the offer? Obviously, as that's the title of Arrow Season 3 Episode 16. Will he, ultimately, become the leader of the League of Assassins? It would change the foundation of the show called Arrow so completely, I can't imagine he will.

The offer will affect Nyssa more than any other. What would you like to see from her next?

Hank: I really liked the interaction between Nyssa and Laurel. I'd love to see Nyssa become her mentor and train Laurel properly. Since I don't see Oliver becoming the next Ra's, I think Nyssa's going to be just fine. Besides, if there's one character that seriously needs to stick around it's Ra's al Ghul. Why take him off the chessboard so soon? After just a handful of appearances?

Paul: Again, I'm with Henry. Nyssa will see a lot of Sara in Laurel. I'm surprised Nyssa could even speak to Laurel when she took Malcolm. Nyssa probably felt she was looking at a ghost. Nyssa should stick around.

Allison: I want more Nyssa and Laurel. I have been wanting it ever since she saw Laurel in Sara's jacket. Nyssa training Laurel could be so much fun, and it would be interesting to have a character like Nyssa stick around for a bit. Maybe Nyssa could get to see how non- League people live their life and have fun.

Carla: I'm not sure how much R'as al Ghul's offer would affect Nyssa, but she's a character I'd love to stick around or show up regularly. I like Hank's suggestion that Nyssa help train Laurel and maybe Thea too. They could use the help and guidance. Nyssa would probably have to leave the League for that to happen. Maybe Nyssa can join the spin-off too?

Carissa: Nyssa is one of those characters who was intriguing from the moment she walked into frame. She was under the impression she would follow in her father's footsteps, so to be robbed of that should set her on a different path. The idea of her sticking around Starling City to mentor Laurel is fascinating. I'd love to seem them form a strong bond of friendship and really kick some ass together.

Where will all of this leave Malcolm Merlyn?

Hank: Hopefully joining his son Tommy in the afterlife. It's funny, I've been very vocal about Malcolm overstaying his welcome and received a ton of Twitter hate recently from Barrowman fans. Guys, I love John Barrowman truly, but you don't keep a character around simply because the actor is beloved. There's no rhyme or reason to Malcolm Merlyn's actions, he should have gone out in the Undertaking.

Paul: I think Ra's will leave it up to Oliver what happens to Malcolm. Hopefully he ousts him from Starling City, never to return again. The character got stale long ago.

Allison: I'm honestly not sure. I am curious as to what Malcolm will say when he hears about Ra's offer. This is a man who knows a thing or two about the League. He probably has some good insights.

Carla: I don't really want to see Malcolm die. He's too good of a character for that. I don't understand any of his actions this season and I hope we get an explanation for his illogical course of action. If there's not a reason, then it's just poor writing and I'd hate for that to be the case. Maybe Malcolm has a brain tumor? He can stay locked up in Nanda Parbat until he comes to his senses and then seek redemption. I'm not ready to say good bye to John Barrowman's Malcolm Merlyn.

Carissa: John Barrowman is too good for Malcolm Merlyn. Surely there's a series out there that can give him an intelligent character with conflicted, yet understandable motives. Malcolm isn't it. That said, Oliver wants him to stick around, so unless Malcolm dares to follow Chase to take the decision out of the hands of others, he'll be sticking around.

Here is your first look at Arrow Season 3 Episode 16, "The Offer."

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