Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 Photo Gallery: Daddy Issues

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Poor Thea. 

She came this close to making a decision that she may have regretted for the rest of her life. Or, maybe she wouldn't have regretted it. Now she'll never know, and even worse, she's forced to live up close and personal with the consequences as Oliver brings Malcolm to the loft to recuperate in Arrow Season 3 Episode 16.

Thea must be wondering how she ever got to this place in her life, as her photos show a rather contemplative young woman, and there is even one with her and Oliver out by a fire; escaping the loft and Malcolm?

There isn't much in the photos to indicate Oliver will be contemplating "The Offer," but we do get a glimpse at the new relationship forming between Laurel and Nyssa over their daddy issues. It still seems like a good idea for Thea to join forces with them, they'd all have a lot to talk about!

In addition to giving Laurel the cold shoulder, Capt. Lance will be doing the same to Arrow. That's too bad, as it looks as if he's going to need a hand when someone gets the better of him in his own office. 

Will it be the new villain in town, Michael Amar AKA Murmur? Or, perhaps it's Mouthpiece (who I assume tumbles around with Murmur to give him a voice...).

The first photo in the slideshow I find particularly intriguing. When is the last time we saw Roy at home, let alone perched on the side of his bed with a book? 

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Arrow: You still need training.
Black Canary: When are you going to stop telling me that?
Arrow: When you don't need training.

Ra's al Ghul: You survived my sword. Your resurrection wasn't a gift from these waters, rather by force of your own will. What better heir to immortality than someone who has already claimed victory?
Oliver: I didn't defy death just to become an instrument of it.