Episodes Season 4 Episode 7 Review: The Most Awkward Dinner Ever

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Boy, Episodes sure does know how to drag out a scene until we're all squirming in our seats. either from laughter, or from palpable awkwardness, doesn't it? 

Episodes Season 4 Episode 7 showcases interesting developments in both of the show's central relationships -- Carol's with Helen and Sean & Beverly's with Matt. Although one relationship definitely saw more resolution than the other. 

No Interest - Episodes

The climax of tonight's clinic in how to over-do things a bit too much, was classic "Episodes" for all intents and purposes. The stage was set for an excruciatingly cringe-worthy dinner, as Matt slowly pieced together the truth in front of a tepid Sean & Beverly. He should've known what was coming -- any normal human being would've seen the signs -- but, as Beverly put it, he's an "actor."

What I guess that means is that he can't be bothered to show insight in any aspect of his life not directly affecting him. And even when it does effect him, he has tunnel vision. He couldn't understand that Sean wanted him to be a friend, and want to read their script just to be supportive, but that should've been expected. 

And Matt should've likewise realized that Sean & Beverly wouldn't have been interested in working with him after the disaster that was "Pucks." 

Matt; Do you want me in your show?
Sean: We know she'll never go for it.
Matt: That's not what I asked -- do you want me in your show? Then why'd you make me read the f*cking thing?

But instead, we get that intensely hilarious stare-down at the end of the episode, as Sean & Beverly try their best to scarf down some mamma LeBlanc tiramisu and get the hell out of dodge. 

The scene was fantastic for the most part, but I felt like it went on a bit too long. This only became a problem when I started to question the reason why Sean & Beverly were so apologetic to begin with. 

With how much wrong Matt's done to them, in that house especially, why were they so submissive? The simple answer would be that they're considerate human beings, unlike Matt, but I feel like they've earned some leeway to be blunt with him,

If they were honest from the start, and not getting tongue-tied during every encounter with the former "Friends" star, all of this could've been avoided. 

If it's not about him, he couldn't care less.


The other half of the episode was dominated by Helen's jealousy and Carol's insecurities. The latter of which manifested itself in some strange hives on Carol's back. 

I think I'm just scared -- by how much I care about you.


All Carol needed to do was take Beverly's advice, and she did just that. It worked brilliantly, as the couple pedaled back from a dog and a beach house, to just being a couple, but Carol probably could've done without mentioning Beverly's name.

If I didn't know how much Beverly loved Sean, I'd actually Helen had a point in her assessment of Beverly's forbidden "love" for Carol.

Well, then again, maybe Beverly plays for both teams...who knows? Either way, the fact that she's in love with Sean, and not Carol, is obvious to the viewer, but should make for some great moments in the next few episodes. 

I can see Carol and Helen really working out in the future, so hopefully they avoid a crash. 

We're gonna crash!


Head over to Episodes quotes for more highlights from tonight's episode, and watch Episodes online to relive any of your favorite moments. 

Make sure to leave any comments you have down below! I, for one, am definitely looking forward to the awkwardness being carried over to next week's episode! 

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

If it's not about him, he couldn't care less.


Beverly: Well, that’s a vagina.
Matt: Yeah, my kid did it!
Beverly: Ohh, even more disturbing!
Matt: Not the six year old! The eight year old!
Sean: How are you not in prison?