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Sean and Beverly go over the model for their set for their upcoming new show. The miniature model shows how the walls are removable so that the crew can film from floor to floor effortlessly. Matt walks up, and is clearly not that interested in their new set. He instead shows them a drawing his 8 year old made of a woman’s private parts. 

Sean is a little disgruntled by the fact that Matt doesn’t seem to care about their new show anymore, or at all. Sean wonders why he hasn’t even read the script, while everyone else loves their new show.

Sean and Matt get a drink together, and he tries to push the issue even further. Sean just straight up asks Matt if he’s read the script, to make sure it’s not because he doesn’t like it, and Matt says that he hasn’t even read it yet. 

Matt doesn’t seem intent on reading it either. He’d rather talk about the possibility of him buying a drone. 

Sean tries to get Matt to understand that he wants him to want to read the script, not just have it be a hobby. That he wants his friend to be interested in something he’s done for once.

Matt “admits” that he’s a selfish asshole, and says that he’ll read the script. He calls Sean the “prettiest girl in the room.”

Carol and her team sit down to discuss the “Angry Men” re-write. 

Myra almost pukes — maybe she is pregnant after all? 

The next morning Sean tries to find out what Matt thinks about their script, but instead Matt is talking about some Hitler documentary he saw. 

They have a stare down until Matt realizes that Sean is asking about the script. He says he’ll read it when he has a free minute.

Helen gets Carol an extravagant gift, and she’s speechless. She starts to wonder if she should slow things down.

The gift is a key to her house. 

Carol complains to Beverly that things are moving way too fast. 

Sean talks to a fellow writer, who seems disgruntled at the fact that no one notices her. Her own script is about a “nobody” who poisons her co-worker because they don’t notice her. 

Matt rushes over and tells Beverly and Sean that their script is brilliant. 

Matt claims that he wants to play Anderson — he feels like the part is written for him. 

Beverly is frightened that their chance at a good show is ruined. Sean realizes that he shouldn’t have pushed Matt to read the script. 

As Carol smokes a joint and has lunch with Helen, Helen brings up the idea of them getting a dog together. 

Sean and Beverly go to Matt's house for their lunch, and find out his mother's there as well. They don't know how to approach the situation.

Helen offers Carol a chance to redo her entire house together -- or buy a whole new place. The truth finally comes about Carol's insecurities, and they work things out.

The truth also comes out between Matt, Sean and Beverly -- and tensions rise at dinner. There is an intense stare down and as the couple try to leave, they get roped into staying by the tiramisu Matt's mom had made. 



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Episodes Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

If it's not about him, he couldn't care less.


Beverly: Well, that’s a vagina.
Matt: Yeah, my kid did it!
Beverly: Ohh, even more disturbing!
Matt: Not the six year old! The eight year old!
Sean: How are you not in prison?