The Flash Round Table: A Not-So-Clean Slate

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We're breaking down "Rogue Time" and that means a lot of talk about what happened in The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, as well as The Flash Season 1 Episode 16, since one installment pretty much wiped out the other. 

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Hank Otero, Tanya Moat, Narsimha Chintaluri and Carissa Pavlica as they discuss the benefits of time travel, whether it was worth it for Barry to switch things up and the return of the Rogues.

Don't forget to join in the conversation by popping your answers in the comments! It's always more fun when you play along.

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the return of the Rogues?

Jim: Nice to finally have a recurring villain. I just wish they had expanded Golden Glider into the "glider" portion of her nom de plume. But, I guess we will have time to see more of her now, so hopefully it will happen.

Hank: I love the Rogues, especially Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. I agree with Jim, recurring villains rock! I wish we'd get more of them on Arrow. Lisa Snart was underused, and is she leaving solid gold statues lying around? Someone should be collecting those things. Haha.

Tanya: I was happy to see them! Captain Cold is borderline cheesy, but Wentworth Miller plays him so well, and I loved his response to the rogues comment. More importantly, I would not mind a small piece of the gold Lisa's weapon is leaving behind. And how did Cisco create a weapon that streams gold?

Narsimha: This is the most I've liked Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold since his first appearance on the show. And I especially like the note that Barry and him left off on – almost like a playful competition (although it's safe to assume there's going to be nothing "friendly" about their future encounters).

Carissa: I didn't necessarily feel they fit with the installment, but I'm so sold on Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold I didn't care. The end with him and Barry in the woods played out really well and he's earned his own show in very short order. I could definitely do without sister, Lisa, however. She can take her ridiculous gold gun and go.

How did you feel about the way events played out after Barry changed the day he was reliving?

Jim: CALLED IT! Happy Cisco is alive, sad that Iris and Barry aren't together and happy that the Captain isn't half-dead.

Hank: Everything that happened last week was way too heightened. I think by resetting the timeline, the show is back on track. Imagine if Barry and Iris were already a couple. Where do the writers go from there? Not to mention, Cisco dying like that was far too brutal for this series. I enjoyed the reset and the way things played out this week.

Tanya: Honestly, I'm a little underwhelmed. When the previous episode is so over-the-top (in a good way) the following episode can be a let down, even when it's still good. Everything Snart and Company did seemed liked actions they would have taken regardless of whether Barry had time-traveled. It may not have happened on that specific day, but they would have come back, needed weapons and likely forced Cisco to create them. The situation with Iris hurt Barry, but we also know those feelings that Iris has for Barry still exist, just not front and center as he expected/wanted.

Maybe I'm cruel, but I expected something a bit more permanently bad to happen. Barry may feel responsible for Cisco getting kidnapped, although we know what originally happened and dead is worse than kidnapped. So while Wells is scaring Barry into believing going back in time is bad, it really didn't feel that bad to me. Moved some things around but that's it – even Snart finding out who the Flash didn't shock me because the hero is always kind of embarrassingly obvious. We just accept everyone being blind to it, and Snart knowing Barry is the Flash could actually make things interesting.

Narsimha: Thought it was great! I don't like some of the ways they had to shoehorn change into the plot, but the whole concept of re-living the day was so entertaining/interesting. The contrast of Wells telling Cisco how he felt about him, in the same room, under two different contexts, was also really cool.

Carissa: It was so amazing how well they tied in the consequences of changing one thing that I thought it was done perfectly. I agree with Narsh about the contrasting nature of Wells and Cisco discussing the father/son connection. It made sense in both contexts. We know far more than Barry how much of a difference his decisions made on the day, but it will be interesting to see how it affects him going forward.

Does it bother you things changed knowing what we learned in "Out of Time"?

Jim: I'm sad that all the changes were tied together, I was really hoping that Iris and Barry would end up together or at least she would know he was the Flash. But alas, that is how these things go.

Hank: Not at all, like I said, the previous episode tied up too many loose ends and was a bummer overall. I knew there was no way the series would move forward without Cisco, Captain Singh etc. I feel like this was the way the day was meant to play out. I absolutely loved revisiting some of last week's scenes though, and hearing Barry say Weather Wizard before Cisco. Those little moments were a blast.

Tanya: Like Jim, I wish all the changes had not been linked together. It would have been great for something to stick. But I am really glad that Cisco is okay because he makes me laugh. While I am admittedly not a huge Iris fan, I do hope when those two crazy kids eventually get together, it's not because she finds out he is the Flash and decides she loves him.

Narsimha: I agree with Jim that I'm more "sad" than anything else – the (now) alternate future seemed to have so many crazy cool things going for it! But it also had Cisco's death, and so forth, so it's worth resetting the clock just for that. But I mean come on...the tidal wave, Iris and Barry, The Flash breaking through the fabric of time just by running..what's not to love??

Carissa: It doesn't bother me at all. I thought it would, but in hindsight, it was too much, too soon. Knowing what's coming is enough. Instead, new events occurred I never saw coming (the death of Mason Bridges exactly as Cisco died, for example) and they work equally as well for the story to progress.

Do you think Barry will change his plans to go back and save his mother?

Jim: I think he will have to, he's learning how fragile time is and he knows that if he does save his mother that many others will die.

Hank: Nope, I think he's going to save her and create an alternate reality which will lead us into Season 2. Of course, saving his mom means he would never become the Flash. Could that be what Harrison's future newspaper clipping is hinting at? Will Barry be missing at the start of The Flash Season Season 2?

Tanya: I think he will but it won't be a decision he makes lightly or easily. He knows the peril of messing with time, and it also appears that very soon he is going to realize that Wells has been deceiving him. So while Wells may tell him today that letting his mother die will save thousands, how can he trust him? And what happens if he doesn't try? Wells somehow got stuck here after he killed Nora. What happens if he doesn't? Does the particle explosion even happen, creating the Flash and all the other meta-humans?

Narsimha: I'm sure something will come up (it's so easy to make up contrivances when dealing with time traveling plots) where going back in time to try and save his mother, only to fail, becomes a necessity.

Carissa: Barry is stubborn and will go back regardless of the consequences. He should be concerned about what could come of his mission, but he still doesn't see the full picture of what changed as a result of his actions. He will, eventually, and that may be due to trying to save his mother. It will, no doubt, be dramatic even if there are bits and pieces that will likely make little sense to us overall. That's OK.

How do you think Barry and Joe will move forward in investigating Harrison?

Jim: I'm hoping very carefully! Given how quickly we know he is to kill anyone he considers a threat, they will need to be very careful.

Hank: I agree with Jim, they've got to watch their backs. Wells is incredibly dangerous and merciless when it comes to his ultimate goals. I will say, if they defeat or lock up the Reverse Flash they're eliminating one of the show's best villains. I hope that doesn't happen, and that they don't kill him off.

Tanya: Definitely agree that they have to watch their backs. Wells is definitely not afraid to eliminate those who stand in his way. I am curious as to why he waited to kill the reporter. Why wait until after he started investigating and clued both Iris and Barry into the fact that Wells was dangerous? I wonder how "history" keeps changing for Wells. I agree with Hank – don't kill off Wells. He is the best villain they have.

Narsimha: Not sure, but I'm glad they're on the same page finally. I just hope nothing happens to Joe because of this investigation! I'd love to see Joe take down Wells.

Carissa: The worst thing to happen to The Flash would be to kill of Wells and the Reverse Flash. I cannot imagine that happening. He has to be around for a very long time. Barry will poke and prod, but Harrison has to walk gently to ensure time isn't altered. I'm not sure Barry and Joe are yet cunning enough to get around Wells and Gideon. It's going to be fun to watch them try!

Would you rather have the ability to go back and change time or friends who made up things like 'lightning psychosis' to get you out of jams?

Jim: Wow, those are very different things. That's like asking, "would you rather have an ice cream cone or a pet dinosaur". Can't I have both?! I will say that I admired the way Caitlin decided to give Iris and Eddie an answer that was plausible to explain Barry's behavior, even when she didn't understand it fully.

Hank: I have to go with the time travel. If I had the ability to chance the past, I'm sure I'd screw with fate big time. There would be alternate timelines all over the place. I'd make Doctor Who proud!

Tanya: I'll probably be the odd one here as time travel abilities would be crazy cool, but I would likely screw it up somehow. I'd come back and find out that electricity, plumbing, TV and everything modern that I love is gone. But good friends who have your back, especially when you're acting goofy and lovesick, are invaluable.

Narsimha: I'd love the ability to re do a day or two here or there, haha, screw the consequences!

Carissa: I always thought I'd want to go back and change time, but after this, not so much. I'll take the friends. Tanya, we can hang together!

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA), enjoys mentoring writers, wine, and passionately discussing the nuances of television. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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