The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 Photo Gallery: Sibling Rivalry

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The Rogues are back in town and it's family time!

That's right, Captain Cold and Heat Wave are back in town and this time Leonard Snart brought along his little sister, Lisa Snart. If you recall, when we last saw them they were on their way to Iron Heights, but their prison transport van was stopped by Lisa, they escaped and we never heard from them again.

For reasons unknown at this time, in The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 the Snarts and Mick Rory want the Ramons – not the old punk band, but the brothers, Cisco and Dante. It's not the best way to get to know all the siblings, but we'll take it!

It looks like what starts out as a fun night on the town for Barry and Cisco turns to disaster when a wigged Lisa Snart hits on Cisco. We know he has a soft spot for the girls, and it appears to get him into trouble!

From there, who knows? After Heat Wave Mick Rory tosses Dante into the mix and Captain Cold gets in a theatrical entrance, The Flash appears to save the day. 

Of course, before we see any of this on March 24, we still get to see what happens during The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, "Out of Time," when Cisco realizes something is not as it seems with Harrison Wells! 

If you need a refresher, you can watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic to catch up.

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Tell the rest of the Santini family that there's a new godfather, and his name is Cold.

Captain Cold

Harrison: No! Do not tell me. I do not want to know anything about the future you experienced. Nothing.
Barry: Dr. Wells...
Harrison: Barry, time is an extremely fragile construct. Any deviation, no matter how small, could result in a cataclysm.