21 TV Stars Whose Nationality May Shock You

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If you walk away from this article with one thing, it should be the sneaking suspicions that Hollywood might be in the process of a hostile Australian takeover.

More actors than you'd think are actually from all over the world - mostly from Down Under - masquerading as Americans.

You can't rule out the British contingent, though, as the UK puts forward quite a few leading ladies and gents who trade in their lilting accents for southern twangs and California cool. 

Equally impressive are the characters who attempt the opposite swap, adopting an English accent in place of their typical American drawl.

Some of these actors pull it off beautifully, leaving you floored when you find out they're from WHERE? Others don't quite have the same finesse, letting their original speech patterns slip in a little too often.

Regardless, it's an amazing talent to take on a foreign dialect, and these people deserve all the awards for it. 

Check out our list of 21 characters whose real life accents might surprise you! 

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