Bones Season 10 Episode 15 Review: The Eye in the Sky

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Big things are happening, you guys.

Bones Season 10 Episode 15 delivers one of the best episodes of the show we've seen in a while.

Just as Booth and Brennan discover they are having another baby (and Brennan hasn't really just been eating too many peanut butter cookies lately), Booth finds himself in a tough position.

The opening scene shows Brennan and Booth as they wait for results of a pregnancy test. The interaction between the two of them reminds us of how different they are, but yet how well they work together. It's clear they are both hopeful the pregnancy test will be positive, and when it is, Brennan yells out with excitement. Booth's reaction, though, is the best part, as he does a somersault over the bed just before hugging Brennan.

We're having a baby! I can keep eating peanut butter cookies!


Booth immediately becomes overprotective, and later offers to pick up some of the things Brennan craved with her last pregnancy. This is the Booth that I love to see. He is playful and generally pretty positive – something that's been missing from his character lately. Prison and losing your best friend will do that to a person, after all.

But now, he's happy. He's over the moon. He's maybe a little too happy, in fact, much to the surprise of the Jeffersonian team when he brings coffee along for everyone. Unfortunately, it seems all of that is about to change.

What I appreciate most about the gambling story line is how it reminds of what Booth has been through in the past. We're reminded of what his life was like before he was with Brennan, including his experience with war.

Aubrey also points out everything that has happened since then, as he tries to be supportive and helpful to Booth.

You've been shot multiple times since then, spent three months in prison, and your best friend died in your arms. Isn't that enough trauma for you?


Still, Booth insists he won't fall back into his gambling addiction again, stubbornly saying that he's strong and knows what he's doing. It's frustrating that he doesn't at least hesitate at the idea of getting in the poker game. It makes sense since he knows "that world" for him to do it, but he also has to know it could set him back. Booth is a little too confident in himself, and that's what backfires.

It actually looks like Booth is going to be okay for a minute there. Just as he finds out there is enough evidence to arrest the murderer, he realizes he has a winning hand. There is a moment when it truly looks as though he's going to choose the win over arresting the murderer, and we feel that tension through the eyes of Brennan and the others as they also look on through the security system.

Back at home, Booth makes pancakes for Brennan, which has become a signature part of their home life (the ketchup, however, is a new addition). All seems well as they talk about future plans, and Christine learns she's going to be a big sister.

Then, there's that last scene. It's the scene that changes everything, and one that shows there's some serious things coming in the future. That cheerful attitude we see from Booth earlier in the episode? I'm thinking that's the last we're going to see of it for a while. Booth takes a call in secret, and the scene ends as he tells his old bookie that he needs to place a bet.

As for how that's going to affect things going forward, I'm nervous, but also a little excited.

This is a story that poses some interesting possibilities for Booth and Brennan, particularly since it's a more common issue than, say, being accused of murder or falling prey to a major conspiracy. I'm looking forward to seeing how they deal with it, and also just how much it's actually going to affect their lives.

Though Booth is at the heart of this episode, I have to spend a little time talking about Hodgins. From his breaking of the beakers and doing unauthorized experiments, to seeing his face light up at a new idea – this story is perfect for his character.

Warren plays a part in giving him the idea for an invention, and since Cam doesn't want him using resources from The Jeffersonian, he creates an invention that is all his own.

It's fun to watch all of that play out, and it also means good things are coming for Hodgins and Angela, since this invention could make him really successful.

What did you think of this episode of Bones, and what do you expect to happen going forward? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Eye in the Sky Review

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Bones Season 10 Episode 15 Quotes

We're having a baby! I can keep eating peanut butter cookies!


Booth: Everything okay in there, Bones? You need any help?
Brennan: I'm peeing on a stick. I'm pretty sure I can do that by myself.