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Booth is anxious as Brennan takes a pregnancy test. They talk about whether or not she could be pregnant, and Booth thinks he even knows the night they would have conceived.

Brennan looks down to see the results, and yells with excitement. Both of them are happy to be having another baby, and they agree to keep the news between them for now.

Cam arrives to tell Hodgins about a crime scene just as a small explosion sets off the alarm. He tells her he needs to order more beakers, and Cam says he has to save his personal experiments for when he is at home.

Booth arrives to a crime scene with coffee for everyone, in a much happier mood than usual. Hodgins, Cam, and Warren are all a bit taken aback by how cheerful he is. The remains they are investigating were found in an industrial shredder, and Hodgins locates the face.

Brennan is also in a very good mood, arousing suspicion from Angela. Angela hugs her and figures out quickly that she’s pregnant.

The team discovers that the victim was a poker player.

Booth and Brennan talk about Booth’s past gambling addiction, and whether or not he should be involved in the case. Then they meet with Booth’s bookie, and Booth says he needs to get into the poker game to find out who the killer is.

Aubrey expresses concerns about Booth getting involved in the poker game. Hodgins starts inventing something to create an unbreakable beaker. Booth assures Brennan he’ll be fine, and he won’t get himself slip back into his gambling problem.

Then he heads to the poker game. While there, he helps Angela gain access to their security system, allowing Angela and Aubrey to watch the game and download old footage.

Booth comes home late with a lot of money, and Brennan is concerned. They argue before going to bed.

Cam arrives to work to find that Warren has been there all night.

Aubrey is still concerned for Booth, and Booth doesn’t want to hear it. Booth insists he is strong. On the way to work, Brennan takes a prenatal vitamin, and Booth says he remembers Brennan’s cravings. Booth insists on going back to the game to find the murderer, and Brennan and Aubrey ask him not to.

At the game, Booth is doing really well at gambling while the others work to find evidence as quickly as possible. The team figures out who the murderer is, and Booth can tell when he brings up the murder at the poker game. He gets a text that they have enough evidence, but Booth hesitates when he realizes he could win big first.

Just as it looks like he’s going to keep playing and take home the winnings, he stops and arrests the murderer.

Hodgins shows Angela and Warren his new invention, a mat that will keep glass from breaking.

Back at home, it seems things are fine with Booth and Brennan. Christine overhears she is going to be a big sister. Booth gets a phone call that he takes in secret, saying he needs to bet money on a game.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 15 Quotes

We're having a baby! I can keep eating peanut butter cookies!


Booth: Everything okay in there, Bones? You need any help?
Brennan: I'm peeing on a stick. I'm pretty sure I can do that by myself.