DIG Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Well of Souls

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Jumping Jehosaphat!

Was anybody else saying that phrase over and over in their head after watching DIG Season 1 Episode 6? Honestly, the only time I can think of ever hearing Jehosaphat used was by Yosemite Sam, and I'm not even sure if he used it or if it was only in my head.

Nonetheless, there were a lot more overarching clues dropped in reference to the goings on around the building of the temple and Emma's murder, but none of them mean all that much in light of the final reveal, now, do they?

Exposing Secrets - DIG

I'm still not all that enthralled with Debbie's story. I'm even less so now that little evil Joshua is almost acting like a normal boy. The kid was almost eagerly thrusting a dagger into a calf a few episodes back and now he's toying with a gum ball machine and not running away. 

He's with Debbie, for whom he had zero respect and gleefully announced he expected to fail when she was tested the first time she tried to break him free, so his transformation is a little confusing. Considering was been brainwashed his entire life to be this little Joshua creature, I don't buy into Pinocchio wanting to be a real boy like the first Josh we met.

I'm also not sure that the web of lies would really track to a local FBI office's lobby pay phone. That they might be able to contact someone in the Bureau, sure, but autonomously crack the lobby pay phone at exactly the moment she hit the place? Nope. That makes no sense to me. 

There is definitely some work to be done of Debbie's side of the story before I enjoy it in any measure.

As for Avram's story, I'm kinda diggin' the idea behind what's going on there to an extent. The Essenes don't think much of modern Judiasm and would be completely against the rebuilding of the first temple. They live by the Dead Sea Scrolls, from what I understand, and their earlier people formed the basis of Christianity. 

I'm interested in learning why Painter Pants (or Mr. Clean, which I'm wont to call him as he's changed his wardrobe) has not just done away with Avram or Red. I did a little reading and learned the Essenes didn't like the idea of animal sacrifice and even going back, there has not been evidence of altars proving they ever took part in any.

Thus, it makes sense Mr. Clean wouldn't be out to harm Avram or Red in any way and he is, in fact, a good guy. Avram may be in tears now, but wouldn't it be nice if he was taken under Mr. Clean's wing and learned something new? While finding his way back to traditional Judiasm would be just fine, he doesn't seem to have any avenue of regular friendship, so I'm tossing Clean out that as an alternative.

Onto the big story. Peter's not one to give up, is he? He also can't seem to get his temper under control and that's not very helpful in the long run. He spent too much time running down clues on his own and leaving Golan out of the picture and that didn't help matters.

The guy in custody knows something. It doesn't really matter what at this point, because now we have Emma! Where has she been? Well, I don't know. We're going to have an interview with Alison Sudol (Emma) up sometime tomorrow, so drop by to get her take on the story. 

We know the authorities have people everywhere, and considering how high things go, you'd think if her dead body wasn't really dead, they would have known about it and killed her outright if she posed a threat. Maybe they needed her in some way.

And darn if that doesn't make me think of that truly groovy idea a reader had about The Wicker Man. That is my very favorite theory. What if Emma is the lure for Peter, the ultimate sacrifice to rebuild the temple? Would USA ever go there? Heck, I don't know (there is a lot I don't know), but what a fantastic idea. I cannot get it out of my head. The original was one of my favorite movie surprises. 

Gregory Donaldson throws a little wrench into that idea, but he could haven been trying to pull someone else in as the ultimate sacrifice; his girlfriend, perhaps. He obviously went bonkers at the idea of Joshua coming. Did anyone else think the symbol carved on his chest was different than the one in the book? Also, why all the dust in the hospital? Damn. I thought I was a slob.

Finally, in the scratching my head category, the well of souls was about 500 feet inside a door from the street. That hasn't been entered in 2500 years? That should have been much further under ground. Did I miss something? I was expecting it to be behind that cement wall in tunnel 7, at least.

Mostly, though, Emma's back, so who really cares about the rest of it right now? Emma can shed light on so many things. Why speculate when we can ask the dead girl?!? Finally. I cannot wait until next week. Which is, well, a whole week away!!! 

What did you think? Did you expect Emma to be alive? C'mon. She's on the show's poster. She had to come back in some fashion, right?? 

Don't forget to drop by TV Fanatic tomorrow for the interview and you can watch DIG online right here any time!

The Well of Souls Review

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