DIG Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Sisters of Dinah

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Well, did you see that coming?

It was kind of obvious Joshua 2.0 was a nasty, evil kid and now I'm wondering if by going all badass whether Debbie played right into Tad Billingham's hands.

That's right, Joshua 2.0 went full blown evil Damian in DIG Season 1 Episode 8 when he dropped all pretense of caring about Debbie and slit her throat. I don't think there's any coming back from that particular wound, folks!

Protecting Her Job - DIG

Debbie's arc was an interesting one. She was meek and totally into the idea of the cult (because that's what it is) until Josh 1.0 was killed. Her fatal flaw was believing she was going to be able to make a difference in Joshua 2.0's life because of how well she knew Josh 1.0. Debbie raised 1.0 and it looks like Faye might have raised the killer.

Do you think Joshua was going along with her all this time just waiting until he was comfortable enough to finally kill her? That Billingham was allowing her to run because he knew Joshua was on the Job? She was sentenced, found guilty and to be put to death at the hands of Joshua, if I recall correctly. The calf was up first and she was going to be next.

Well, it took a while and Joshua got to see a hardware store and eat ice cream, but he's still the killer he was always meant to be. Unfortunately, he even dragged Debbie down with him. At least she got to take some of those lunatics out before she went.

To think those people are holding the fate of world in their hands. What an attractive group. 

The discovery of the Sisters of Dinah hiding place was pretty cool and I was hoping there was more to his ranting in that room upstairs than just sitting atop the temple treasures down in the basement. The timing of Peter and Emma being there the same time as Margrove and friend is odd and unlikely.

Those moments of serendipity with the timetable are unfortunate. They don't play well overall because the odds are just so against them actually happening.

The Essenes got a hold of Golan and then Peter and Emma were all involved in a big shootout as the others came in to steal Red back. They tried to make it look like the Essenes were going to engage in some sort of sacrifice, but they don't do that, so it would have been a stretch. Frankly, it's surprising they had weapons as killing really isn't their thing.

Peter was shot square in the chest. They're out in the middle of nowhere. This is an event series and it's entirely possible more deaths are coming. Is Peter one of them? 

Lynn followed the entire route Yussef took the night Peter was certain he was inside the consulate. She knows the Ambassador is a bad guy and has the words straight from her mouth that she's next on the (literal) chopping block. 

What I cannot figure out now is how all of this ties together (again). We still have the high priest and the breastplate and the red heifer and all the makings to rebuild the first temple and, perhaps, talk to God, as well as throwing the Middle East and the world into chaos.

Then there's Margrove treasure hunting. Was that really his only role and will the others, so interested in world chaos, just allow him to walk off with one of the biggest treasures in history? Something's not gelling here.

What's with Gregory Donaldson? He's the guy in the sanitarium who received a chess piece. When he saw it, he appeared to be 'activated' or something. I'm pretty sure that's going to come into play next week in DIG Season 1 Episode 9, "Jehoshaphat." 

Will Peter be along for the ride? Who else will lose their lives as this all starts to crumble? Not Red? Save Red! Hit the comments with your thoughts on the action this week and what you want to see in the final two hours!

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Sisters of Dinah Review

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