Bitten Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Nine Circles

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The Undoing had a temporary stay

Elena saved the day on Bitten Season 2 Episode 6 when she fought through some wicked hallucinations to create the signal that helped Clay and Paige find the compound and whisk everyone away to safety.

Sort of.

Ritual - Bitten

The whole hour was a little weird.

We learned how Ruth gave birth to a boy. It was somewhat by accident. Apparently she wasn't receiving adequate prenatal care, which you'd think was essential given you weren't allowed to have a boy. How else would you know when to carry a pregnancy to term? 

She also didn't have the guts to take care of her own problem herself, so the entire mess with Aleister is all her fault. First, no birth control, second, no prenatal care and third, entrusting a very important act (killing your child) to someone else. No bueno.

I felt bad for Rachel this week, especially as she threatened Logan with leaving him. I guess he hasn't told her yet that she's not going to be around after the birth of her baby anyway as that's not the werewolf way. It might be nice if he did that, don't you think? She's so in the dark it's unfair.

The logistics around Elena's hallucination were a little confusing. I couldn't tell exactly what was real and what wasn't. I guess her seeing herself in the bed was the actual hallucination.

Elena was a little force to be reckoned with with her baseball bats, though. It's so fun watching her kick ass, and alternatively win Savannah's friendship with honest emotions over Aleister's lock and key BS. He even has the edge with is tequila worm and still lost out. That's gotta sting.

The bonding between Clay and Paige was well done, especially when she explained that she chose a life of witchcraft over loving relationships and he told her that when real love comes along there is no choice and you know you're never going to spend another day alone.

I wonder if Paige and Nick are on their way to that kind of love. It could happen, right?

What was with the Undoing ceremony? If it's as simple as injecting Savannah with the blood of a werewolf (the right werewolf) and erasing all of the magic before, then why the need for all the ceremony? Is that just a witchery thing? Another lock and key, blahbedy blah I'm Aleister look at me thing?

In the end it didn't matter, because as soon as Elena threw up the bat signal everyone scattered. Paige didn't take to the idea that Aleister is her big brother too well and there will likely be a lot of pain addressed between her and Ruth as a result, but for now everyone escaped.

Unfortunately, they think he's dead because of more magic. How he'll regroup and attack again remains to be seen. I hope that Elena plucks the worm out of Savannah's arm (did you notice she saw it when Savannah was scratching?) because that should cut back his advantage a bit.

Aleister might have to start from scratch, but he'll be angrier than ever now, and Ruth and Paige might be at odds as a result of his existence. What do you think? Hit the comments and chat about it. You made it all the way here, why not??

If you need to catch up, you can watch Bitten online. There are only four more episodes left this season! Three more weeks! Wow. How time flies!

Nine Circles Review

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