Bones Season 10 Episode 20 Review: The Woman in the Whirlpool

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Brennan isn’t going to let Booth off the hook that easily.

On Bones Season 10 Episode 20, Booth is still out of the house, but he’s working on getting his gambling problem under control. It’s a tough storyline, particularly since Booth isn’t able to see his daughter.

What’s happening with Booth and Brennan has the other characters reflecting on themselves, and it makes for an interesting episode overall.

Honestly, I’m unhappy with the way both Booth and Brennan are handing their situation. I don’t blame Brennan for telling Booth to move out, especially because he put their family in danger. But I do expect her to show some other way of supporting her husband. When they run into each other at the diner, she looks at him with pity, and she's hesitant.

Of course it’s hard, but I can’t help but want her to talk to Booth more. On the other hand, Booth isn’t showing remorse in the way he should. To say that Brennan shouldn’t be making this something that it isn’t, basically telling her she’s overreacting, means he hasn’t fully accepted the problems he’s caused. I just want him to be a little more apologetic.

Booth has his pride, and this is obviously difficult for him. Even more difficult for him is to actually stand up in a gamblers anonymous meeting and admit to having a problem. Thank goodness that he finally does, realizing that he has to fight for himself and for his family.

In fact, it’s significant that he declines the opportunity to come by and see Christine, instead going to a meeting and finally speaking up. It’s as though he feels that now he has to do that first, before he can work on getting his family back together.

I mentioned that what’s happening with Booth and Brennan has the other characters reflecting, particularly Angela and Hodgins. Both have seen Booth and Brennan as a solid couple, so they are devastated to see them split. Hodgins wonders if it has to do with the job, which makes an awful lot of sense.

Hodgins: Do you think it's this? What we do? Is it eating away at all of us?
Angela: Yeah. Yeah, maybe it is.

That also seems to be a clue that these two are serious in their thoughts of heading off to Paris. How long can someone really do a job like theirs? For Angela especially, it’s understandable she’d be ready to move on to something else, since she was never entirely comfortable with the grim aspects of the job in the first place.

Aubrey and Jessica offer a different perspective (as they flirt with one another over drinks). Aubrey tells Jessica about the book Sweets wrote on Booth and Brennan, and how their relationship has always been founded on their friendship. Booth and Brennan were colleagues and friends first, and that is what their relationship rests on.

So, Aubrey feels confident that Booth and Brennan will work things out. He also seems to have their relationship in mind as a role model for his own one day.

On a lighter note, Aubrey and Jessica’s flirtations are quirky and adorable. I would love to see these two get together. Jessica even understands Aubrey’s insane eating habits, having a table full of appetizers and several drink options available when he arrives at the restaurant.

Other Thoughts:

  • I love seeing Christine and Michael Vincent playing together at the park while their mothers talk.
  • Brennan seems to be having a special moment with her interns each week, whether it’s helping them out of a bind or adding to a unique collection.
  • Jessica Warren might be becoming my favorite squintern. I love watching her every time she’s on the show.

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The Woman in the Whirlpool Review

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Bones Season 10 Episode 20 Quotes

Hodgins: But if he's feeling all alone, if he feels it's hopeless…
Angela: Then he should fight. Isn't that what you'd do?
Hodgins: To the death.

Hodgins: Do you think it's this? What we do? Is it eating away at all of us?
Angela: Yeah. Yeah, maybe it is.