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Brennan and Angela talk about Booth while Michael Vincent and Christine play together at the park.

Meanwhile, Booth is attending a meeting for his gambling problem. Hodgins and Cam investigate a crime scene. Aubrey arrives, and Booth shows up a little late.

Hodgins and Angela talk about Booth and Brennan, and Hodgins wonders if the problem is the job.

Aubrey questions a man who knew the victim. Then he visits the lab, and shows an interest in Jessica Warren.

Booth and Aubrey visit the victim’s daughter and break the news. The daughter shows them the mother’s collection of cookie jars. Brennan and Booth run into each other at the diner, and Brennan isn’t letting Booth off the hook. They are about to have lunch together when Booth makes the mistake of saying the wrong thing.

Booth and Brennan question a woman who was friends with the victim.

Jessica and Aubrey go together to investigate what may be the crime scene. They flirt, then hear a noise and find a man who was hiding in the attic. The man is a new suspect, who was trying to steal a Babe Ruth jar he says was his.

Aubrey assures Brennan that Booth is doing well. Brennan gives Jessica a bone snapshot that would be useful for her collection of elements on the periodic table.

Booth and Brennan question a suspect together. He admits to killing her, but it was an accident.

Aubrey and Jessica have drinks together, though Jessica insists it isn’t a date. Brennan tells Booth he can come by to read Christine a book and tuck her in, but he declines and goes to a meeting.

Booth finally speaks up at this meeting, having put it off at others.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 20 Quotes

Hodgins: But if he's feeling all alone, if he feels it's hopeless…
Angela: Then he should fight. Isn't that what you'd do?
Hodgins: To the death.

Hodgins: Do you think it's this? What we do? Is it eating away at all of us?
Angela: Yeah. Yeah, maybe it is.