Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4 Review: When God Opens a Window

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A few rules of roommate etiquette: Replace what you borrow, don't leave dirty dishes too long in the sink, and when you say your going back for extra weapons during a Fae battle, don't get sidetracked by sex. 

Luckily for Tamsin, she has a lot of other positive qualities. Like a willingness to share! Clothes, food...Tad.

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4 gives us more Tamsin and Bo goodness, a revelation about Dyson's past and the much-anticipated return of our favorite Mesmer!

Helping a Fae - Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4

Tamsin and Kenzi could not be more different as roommates to Bo. First off, Kenzi was more of a quirky little sister type, while Tamsin brings an element of sexual tension to the living situation. That kiss tonight? Sure, it was meant to heal her, but there was clearly something more going on there. The two have a pretty strong fan base (because: chemistry), and I'm looking forward to seeing how this storyline develops. 

Tamsin and Bo are a lot alike in that they are both confident warriors, whereas Lauren and Kenzi have always been a bit more quirky and uncertain (read: human). While Bo's relationships with Lauren and Kenzi are fantastic, there is something so appealing about the Tamsin/Bo pair-up. It's a heady kind of coupling because of the sheer power behind it.

Both are such strong characters that watching them together in any sort of situation is great television, whether it be a physical battle where they are fighting together, a verbal sparring match between the two, or a sexually charged moment.

For me, they are reminiscent of Buffy and Faith of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in the respect that their scenes carry weight because of how big both characters are. There is power there, and it is palpable to the viewer. 

And speaking of big personalities – Vex is back! Vex has been a favorite since his first appearance. When talking about Lost Girl, I often bring up Buffy as a comparison. Although, Lost Girl is a bit more campy and definitely more sexualized. If that's true, Vex is the show's answer to Spike. (Fun fact: I believe Spike to be the most perfectly conceived character on any television show, ever.)

Dyson: Can you shut up?
Vex: Don't think I've ever tried.

It's a formula that works. Start with a "bad boy" – and not just a bad boy, but a murderous sociopath with as few redeeming qualities as possible. Then give him wit and an unmatched sense of humor. Make him the funniest person on the show. That whole "if you can make a girl laugh..." quote being superimposed on stylized photos of Marilyn Monroe was most likely written for characters like Spike and Vex.

Sure, they may be super villains, but they make me laugh. Let's be honest, I've overlooked more for less. Once established as the comic relief, they are given enough back story to make them a sliver less unsympathetic and before you know it they are on the well-worn path to redemption. BUT the secret is a two steps forward, one step back approach that leaves viewers always wanting more. Until they save the world and sacrifice themselves in the finale (spoiler alert!). 

Vex did not disappoint with his return. Lost Girl Season 4 left him pretty unpopular with the Light Fae, especially Dyson. But he comes to Trick's defense outside the Dal, and while the Blood King can surely take care of himself, it was great to see Vex back on the right side of things (at least for the time being.) 

Tamsin: And the Oscar goes to...
Lauren: 12 Years a Babe

The Vex/Dyson interaction was also enjoyable. Like Tamsin and Bo, these two have a great screen presence together. Dyson is the more buttoned-up law enforcer, while Vex is the quick-witted wild card.

The scene where the two come to blows was also very well done. Dyson's heated confession about the difficulties of being a "good guy" was a necessary turn for a character who always does the right thing regardless of personal feeling. 

Do you think it's easy being the good guy? Always doing the right thing? Do you know how easy it would be to do the wrong thing? How good that would feel?


Later, we get the realization that the Fae boy Bo and Tamsin are protecting is actually Dyson's son. I do think having Bo hook up with him was a little unnecessary. (Tamsin's Demi Moore joke poked fun at the age difference, but the reference was too dated to feel relevant.) The hook up just seemed a little gratuitous, given that it doesn't seem to be something that is going to come into play again. The series is campy, but it's not a soap opera.

(Disclaimer: I am watching Lost Girl week by week on the SyFy schedule without spoilers of the upcoming episodes that already aired in Canada, but if Bo ends up in some sort of weird Fae love triangle with father and son I would be extremely surprised/disappointed.)

Evony was also back tonight! I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but... (File that reference away with Tamsin's "Demi" joke.)

Lauren is supposedly working on a cure to return her to her former Fae glory, but Evony thinks she's dragging her feet. So, in the most convoluted motivating strategy, she brings her a killer Fae creature in some sort of cage that needs to be plugged in? Maybe I am missing something, but isn't there an easier way to motivate her than giving her a pet to take care of while she works? 

Lauren: Did you know that the bone in this knife dates back to the Mesopotamian era of Ancient Greece?
Bo: How would I?
Lauren: Uh, carbon dating?

Hopefully Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 5 will shine some more light onto the ongoing plot regarding the elevator incident and ritualistic murders. And more Tamsin and Vex, please

What did you think of "When God Opens a Window?" Were you excited by Vex' return? Did you see the revelation about Dyson's son coming? Share your thoughts in the comments!

And, if you missed this episode or others, you can watch Lost Girl online at TV Fanatic.

When God Opens a Window Review

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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Tamsin: And the Oscar goes to...
Lauren: 12 Years a Babe

Lauren: Did you know that the bone in this knife dates back to the Mesopotamian era of Ancient Greece?
Bo: How would I?
Lauren: Uh, carbon dating?