Supernatural Round Table: A Disappointing Death

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The truth about the Styne family was revealed, Sam’s secret got out and a tragic (and disappointing) death took place on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 21.

R.I.P. Charlie.

There were definitely some major events taking place, but how did the Supernatural Round Table panelists feel about the hour?

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Carla Day and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice as they discuss “Dark Dynasty.”

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Alice: I swear the best scene of the episode was Crowley talking to the hamster. Although, Dean’s confrontation of Sam in the library about what happened to the Book of the Damned was really scary. I honestly thought Dean would kill Sam right there. Suddenly, I’m not thinking that Dean killing Sam is that far fetched. Great job by Jared and Jensen on that scene. 

Carla: Jensen's facial expressions as Dean started to realize the truth about the book. He did an exceptional job of showcasing the thought process and "a-ha" moment as Dean figured out what really happened. That anger ... wow. Loved it.

Sean: Yeah, that whole moment where Dean was standing over Sam and questioning him was pretty scary. And it got even more tense as Dean learned Charlie was involved and that the Styne family was coming for. I was glued to the TV, nervous and anxious for what I feared was going to happen to Charlie.

What did you think of the Styne family really being the Frankensteins?

Alice: Lame, lame lame. I’m so disappointed! I thought the Stynes were fascinating and one of those under the radar secret groups like the Men of Letters. Not only was I bummed they were the Frankensteins, but they’re responsible for all of the misfortunes of the world since the Black Death? You’ve got to be kidding me. Now they’re not believable anymore, as believable as a bunch of genetically engineered mutants could be anyway.

Carla: I didn't really give it much thought to be honest, but I agree with Alice. The Stynes went from a mysterious and intriguing foe to being unbelievable and over-the-top evil with that reveal. I'll wait to see how it all plays out, but that historical legacy and reference wasn't necessary and took away from the story rather than adding to it.

Sean: I actually liked the Frankenstein name reveal, but I didn’t really think making them responsible for all these major events was necessary. It would have been far better if they were a smaller group rather than another large force. I’m curious how it will play out for now.

What is Crowley scheming up now?

Alice: I hope it’s the death of Rowena. He really needs to get out of the dark dingy dungeon more and cause real havoc out in the world. It would be better for his stress. That is, if he doesn’t die. Otherwise, I’m not sure I’m very interested and that sucks, because I love Crowley.

Carla: Crowley's been a bit of a bore most of this season. He lost his mojo when he lost Demon Dean and his mother showed up. I miss the old Crowley. He needs to get his wit back or just die. I hope he kills Rowena. She's got to go.

Sean: I have to agree with Carla on this one. I miss the old Crowley, too. He’s just not been as entertaining as he usually is this season, and he definitely needs to take care of Rowena. I’ve got no clue what he’s scheming, but I’m sure it will be more entertaining that what he’s been up to recently.

What are your thoughts on Charlie's death?

Alice: I have no words. Yeah, okay, I do. WTF????? I’m not mad about Charlie dying as much as the way she died. It was brutal, random, unnecessary, and so poorly done. Contrivance with a capital C. Why didn’t the Stynes guy take her instead and use her as leverage to get the book back? Charlie deserved better. We all did. 

Carla: Upset. Very upset. I loved Charlie and how the Winchesters were with her around. I keep hoping there's a big twist and she's not really dead or that she can be revived somehow and then I remember this isn't The Vampire Diaries or The Originals. Though, Cas is still around... Can he revive her? If she's really dead (which I'll admit I believe she is), it was a big waste. Sam and Dean's reaction to it will be heartbreaking to watch. I just hope it doesn't tear them apart ... again. They need to stand together as brothers.

Sean: I had a sinking feeling throughout the episode that it was going to happen. But it felt like something that was done in order to be some shocker for the episode. I liked Charlie, and really think she was taken far too soon. And that sting of losing her was a major one. It’s disappointing how it all went down. I’m still, still trying to process that it actually happened.

How will her death affect Sam and Dean going forward?

Alice: Sam will get blamed for it, and he’ll keep going on his quest anyway because he accepted long ago that everyone close to him dies. Dean will go off the rails killing people in revenge alone because he can’t trust his lying brother, and the Mark of Cain takes over and he fulfills his prophecy of killing Crowley, Castiel and Sam before Sam can figure out how to remove it. Then the setting of the show switches to Heaven because they’ve gone and killed everyone. I’m spitballing really. I have no idea and right now, a little too pissed to care. 

Carla: Dean will blame Sam. Other than that, I don't know.  History says that the brothers will divide again and it will only lead to more death and trouble. I really hope that the writers surprise us and don't have them go at each other over this and instead use Charlie's death to bond together even more. That's what she would have wanted.

Sean: I feel like it will propel them to some dark place involving revenge and a lot more dead bad guys. Though, it would be nice if Sam and Dean came together rather than apart over her death. It seems like Dean will blame Sam for her death, and maybe Sam will blame himself? I don’t know. If anything, I’m really wondering how this whole season is going to even end.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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