Supernatural: Watch Season 10 Episode 21 Online

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Another one bites the dust.

We all know that getting close to the Winchesters is a very dangerous game, and on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 21 someone close to the brothers falls victim to yet another bunch of morons who were on the list of those hunted by Sam and Dean.

In other depressing news, the Stynes are back. Turns out they're related to Frankenstein and Eldon, the one who is poking around the bunker in this episode (and scooping out eyeballs and ripping off arms), discovers the Book of the Damned cannot be destroyed.

You know that is just bad news for everyone involved on a day when no more was really needed. Did you say you want to know who died? Oh, sure! Just watch Supernatural online via TV Fanatic. Don't forget your tissues!

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