Power Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Like We're Any Other Couple

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Welcome to Miami. 

Ghost and Angela embraced their first vacation (and first occasion to act like a real couple) with open arms. They held hands and talked about the future, while stealing kisses and I love yous every second they could. It was a beautiful thing to watch for about 40 minutes, until everything exploded.

That's right, people. Everything has officially been turned upside down because Power Season 2 Episode 3 found Angela finally filling Ghost in on what she does for a living. And she's ready to take Tommy down. 

In Miami

Before we get into that bombshell, let's just talk about the beauty that is Miami and how seamlessly Ghost and Angela slipped into that world. It's no secret I'm a Ghost and Angela shipper and watching the two of them together, free as can be, was amazing. 

Much of their time in Miami revolved around them talking about the future and where they seem themselves. They still want to move to Miami, and Ghost even admitted that he looked into schools down there to send his kids. And I really think he meant it. 

Things were going so great for them until reality came back in a big way, when it was proven that Tommy was 100% on the tape with Ruiz. 

Angela, Tommy Egan may actually be our Ghost.


That's huge for Angela and the task force, but Angela wasn't able to fully enjoy this victory, because she was worried about what this might mean for Ghost. I know the girl is in love, but does she really not believe that Ghost has any idea what Tommy is up to?

"Ghost" is one of the biggest distributors in New York, and she thinks his best friend would really have no idea? Is she really that blinded by Ghost and his abs? Yes, yes she is. 

Armed with the knowledge that Tommy was "Ghost," she thought it was finally time to fess up about her job. What followed was an amazingly written scene. Seriously, I can't say enough about the writing of this scene and the way Omari Hardwick and Lela Loren played it. 

Ghost as a character is a chameleon, taking on the face and armor of whoever he needs to be in that moment, and Mr. Hardwick plays him perfectly here. He completely embodies a man betrayed, floating from anger and confusion to sadness in an instant. 

There are so many faces to Ghost, and while we know a lot of that scene is him acting, his breakdown at the end feels oh so real. He can't leave Angela. The two of them are so entwined in one another and this deep, deep infatuation, that I don't see how they will ever be able to rid themselves of it. 

Although that goodbye at the end did seem kind of permanent, didn't it?

While things were heating up down south, it was brutally cold back home, and Tommy was doing the one thing Ghost asked him not to do. 

Tommy: This is where we clean our money. So we can pay our rent and shit.
Kanan: Clean the money, huh? Sound like some Ghost shit. Ghost trying to look like a goddamn citizen.

Tommy was filling Kanan in on the business, letting him listen to private information and taking him to meetings. Oh, Tommy! I know he doesn't see what we all see, but come on man! You've just been making bad decision after bad decision this season. 

The worst decision was letting him hear that red sneakers was in Miami, and Ghost was hot on her trail. He sent Dre down there to silence her first, and that's exactly what he did. 

Even though red sneakers (Mariela!) has finally been killed, she did pass on some valuable information to Ghost before she died. He now knows it wasn't Rolla who hired her. And he knows someone was sent down there to get to her before he could. 

There's only so many people that could do that and I don't think it's going to take Ghost very long to put it all together. But I think it will be very interesting to see on what side Tommy falls. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Simon Stern is trying to steal clubs from people left and right. And although Ghost was successful in getting the Miami club owner to sign that faulty contract, I have a feeling he will end up being an ally for Ghost in the future. 
  • Kanan killed Q-Dubs. That was a bonkers scene, wasn't it? This is going to be a major problem down the line and you know Ghost is going to be pissed. 
  • Shawn and Keisha may be headed towards coupledom, but not if Tasha has anything to say about it. I get that Tasha is the neglected wife, and she deserves happiness too, but she has played with Shawn's emotions too many times. So I say yay to Shawn and Keisha. It won't last, but they both deserve to have some fun. 
  • Every week I think the sexy time scenes between Ghost and Angela can't get any steamier, and yet they always do. Is it hot in here?

To say I loved this episode would be a grave understatement. This was probably my favorite of the series, and I can't wait to hear what everyone thought! How did you feel after watching that Ghost and Angela scene? Were they saying goodbye to one another forever? How will Ghost react to Kanan killing Q-Dubs? 

Make sure you check in and comment so we can discuss everything. This is definitely an episode worthy of lengthy discussion!

Like We're Any Other Couple Review

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Power Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Listen to me, a fine woman who knows she fine is trouble. Now that bitch bad. And she knows she bad. So you watch your back.

Kanan [to Shawn]

Tommy: This is where we clean our money. So we can pay our rent and shit.
Kanan: Clean the money, huh? Sound like some Ghost shit. Ghost trying to look like a goddamn citizen.