Pretty Little Liars Round Table: The Truth About Charles

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There are no twins in sight!

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 4 threw another curve ball our way, as it was revealed that Charles and Jason are not twins, while Hanna and Caleb broke up.

Below TV Fanatic staff writers Winston Rice and Paul Dailly are joined by super fans Aly and Meaghan. Read on as they discuss twins, suspects and relationship breakdowns. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Charles is not Jason's twin. React!

Winston: Can’t say I was expecting that! Given all the twin theories out there, and considering the books go down that road too, I definitely thought Charles was Jason’s fraternal twin. Based on this new bit of info, I think Wren is even more of a likely suspect than before.

Aly: I still don't think we have heard the entire story on this, but I've had a feeling for a long time that Jason had a lot to do with this story. Even if Charles isn't his twin, Jason has been lied to for his entire life and was led to believe he has an imaginary friend, when really the person was real. Also, since Charles was born before Jason was, according to Kenneth, I'm starting to wonder how we know for sure which child (Charles or Jason) has Peter as a father. Considering how major the twin storyline was in the books, this has made me wonder if there is a reason the writers didn't take the twin route, a reason they made Charles 15 months older than Jason instead of making them twins. If Charles is a Hastings, maybe he isn't related to Jason at all. I wonder about the DiLaurentis parents having another child so soon when Charles was so troubled; I wonder if we are in for a surrogate mother storyline.

Meaghan: I'm not surprised because after the finale everyone was analyzing the picture so much and the fans seemed to determine that one kid was definitely older. I'm also happy because I am still holding out hope that one of the Liars is gonna be the one with the twin rather than someone less relevant.

Paul: I liked this. It put the twin theory to bed - hopefully for good, but like the rest of the fans, this makes it pretty obvious Wren is Charles.

How did you feel about Spencer getting the pot fueled goodies?

Winston: Loved it! We’ve already seen Spencer strung out on pills. Let’s see what Troian Bellisario does with Spencer high on pot. What fun.

Aly: I was conflicted. I understand why she did it; it is perfect content for my tv and broken laws blog, but I worry that the writers are going to make her spiral out of control instead of focusing on her actual issue which is anxiety. Not everyone who goes through a traumatic event like the girls did is a drug addict for wanting to take anxiety medication. I hope this doesn't teach the wrong lesson.

Meaghan: I don't blame Spencer for turning to pot in order to take off the edge. Her mom left her very little choice when she refused to let her take the anti anxiety meds. I know Spencer is an addict and that she is concerned about her going back down that path but Spencer can't be forced to suffer through this without any help. Maybe pot isn't the best option though because it could end up making her less calm and more paranoid. Also was I the only one who got concerned that a new blonde popped up?

Paul: I think they'll take her on a dark journey. She will imagine a lot of things and that's why the teaser for the next episode looks like a horror movie, but I'm a little miffed that she is taking any sort of drugs.

Is Charles really dead?

Winston: Doubtful. I don’t care if weeds have grown around his grave. Mrs. DiLaurentis totally could have memorialized him there without there ever being a body. As per usual, Mrs. Di’s actions are suspect, and I don’t trust a word that comes from her now deceased mouth.

Aly: I don't think so. I think he faked his own death and is hiding in plain sight, maybe as a different person, maybe even as someone with a different gender. When Hanna almost dug up the grave, I saw parallels to "that night" when Ali's supposed grave was dug up, and she wasn't dead.

Meaghan: I really hope so. If the Liars weren't suspecting that he was alive I would definitely think he was but seeing as they are saying it I don't believe it. Also, the dollhouse seemed to be set up as a shrine to Charles. I would have to guess that whoever A is, is someone who was close to Charles. I'm leaning towards Wren having met him at Radley or Jason kind of taking on Charles as a split personality after his death.

Paul: Like Winston, I have to say that he is most likely alive. That grave could have been Mrs D's way of saying goodbye to Charles, before transitioning into Sara. Yes, Sara is Charles. 

How many weeks will Hanna and Caleb be apart?

Winston: They will definitely be back together by season’s end….just in time for the flash forward to show they aren’t together anymore. We all know Haleb is endgame, so the writers have to throw some wrenches into the relationship before that can happen. While Haleb is definitely my favorite couple on the show, the reason behind their breakup totally makes sense to me. Hanna needs some space to deal with everything she’s been through. Caleb helicoptering around her, as any good significant other would do, doesn’t help. Good on you, Hanna.

Aly: I hope not very long! They have been my favorite couple on the show for so long and have been together through so much. The looks on their faces were not promising, though.

Meaghan: Those two need to get back together yesterday. Haleb has always been my favorite PLL couple and I really hope they can get past this. I will say, though, that I was kind of worried when we saw that A was tracking the girls after there was a focus on Caleb having a tracker on Hanna's car in this episode. Caleb can't be A. Right!??!

Paul: I really don't care. Cut the melodrama and give me answers. 

Will Aria and Clarke be a thing?

Winston: Probably. From the beginning, new male or female guest stars have always ended up at least kissing whichever girl they were brought in to interact with. This will be no exception.

Aly: Probably, but I doubt it will last very long. Maybe it will be another Jake type relationship.

Meaghan: Maybe, but it won't matter. Marlene wants Ezria to be end game. I am still holding out hope that after Aria goes to college she meets back up with that guy Riley she met while visiting a college. The episode when she was hooking up with Riley was the most I have liked Aria since the first season.

Paul: Probably. They certainly seem friendly. 

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