Pretty Little Liars: Watch Season 6 Episode 2 Online

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We wondered what it was like in that dollhouse, and while we still don't know exactly what happened, we know it was pretty darned horrific. How? 

Well, during Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 2 the Liars were not themselves.

They were each dealing with their trauma in different ways, whether going to the gun range (and taking their anger that, something you never do) stripping their bedrooms bare of their belongings in an attempt to cleanse themselves of their ordeal or just generally melting, they were suffering.

The brilliant thing is they didn't just bounce back, and even better, their parents were there to take care of them. FINALLY.

No more fending for themselves, as mothers and fathers all over town were reaching out to their wounded children and to each other in an attempt to bring them back to life and keep them from drowning in their misery.

It was a really special, if incredibly sad and emotional, hour of television, the likes we've not seen in five years. Don't waste a minute! Watch Pretty Little Liars online and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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