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The liars are in the hospital speaking about their ordeal and Emily decides to try get answers from Sara. They have a chat which ends abruptly.

Hanna decides to tear her room apart as she doesn't want to be reminded of it. Caleb helps her destroy it.

Toby has a new sidekick named Lorenzo, who takes a shine to Alison, but she doesn't seem too impressed with him.

Spencer tells Ali to look into the family history to find out about Charles, but Chuck is very unhelpful and brushes the subject away.

Emily goes to a gun range in order to learn to protect herself from A incase he pops back up. Her mother is not impressed and the two of them clash.

Sara shows back up in Emily's life as she doesn't want to stay at home because her mother resents her for returning home. She stays with Emily.

Andrew is finally tracked down, but he is adamant that he is free.

Veronica clashes with Spencer about pills from the hospital and it leads to Spencer hiding some she stole. Her mom comes in at the correct time to prevent her from taking it, but will she be able to stay off them?

Pretty Little Liars
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