Pretty Little Liars Round Table: The Harsh Light of Day

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Will the Liars be okay?

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 2 brought the suspense to a screeching halt as the liars tried to make sense of what happened in the dollhouse. 

TV Fanatics Paul Dailly and Winston Rice are joined by super fans Aly and Meaghan. Read on as they discuss Andrew being caught, Ali questioning her father and Spencer's potential return to drugs.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Sara looking to Emily for help. React.

Winston: Not that surprised. They aren’t going to bring back a character that was merely discussed without giving her more of a plot! I just hope she knows something valuable about Charles. And I'm wondering just how close she gets Emily.

Aly: I still believe there is something very odd about Sara. It's weird she was able to find Emily's address "at the hospital," first of all. Plus, the story Sara told about her mother resembled the story the blonde ghost girl told Ashley in Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13, except without the part about fighting with a sister. Even if Sara's mother's behavior was unpleasant, it strikes me as odd that she would run away again, especially when she doesn't seem to believe Andrew is guilty.

Meaghan: I think it is more than a little bit suspicious. She barely knows Em, but she is willing to trust her so easily after what she has been through? Maybe she spent a little too much time with Charles and is his spy on the outside now.

Paul: Something isn't quite right with her. The theory that she is Bethany has been doing the rounds over the internet, but does anyone think she has a resemblance to Cece? Could they also be twins? Am I over thinking? Probably, but with this show, you do a lot of that.

How did you feel about Andrew being caught so soon?

Winston: At least the Rosewood Police was able to do something quick and efficiently. Bottom line: Andrew had to get caught early in the season so his innocence could be proven and we could move on to confirming the real identity of Charles by the first half of Pretty Little Liar Season 6's end.

Aly: I agree with Toby to an extent that Andrew is too intelligent to leave so much evidence. However he also strikes me as the type of person who would catch on if he was being framed. I think he is up to something, but it is NOT being A. Either that or A started threatening him. I don't believe those journals belonged to him, so it would be interesting if one of our writers like Ezra or Aria was framing him.

Meaghan: Seeing as he is definitely a red herring, I couldn't be happier that they got his capture over with. Now maybe we will find out what he knows.

Paul: Like Winston said, it's about time the Rosewood Police did their job, but it was a little too easy. He's probably just another red herring anyway.

React to Ali questioning her father.

Winston: She had to know he would lie to her. This is the DiLaurentis family, after all. Bold move to ask, though.

Aly: I definitely think Kenneth was keeping something from Ali based on his quick reaction, but it might not be an easy answer.

Meaghan: I'm glad that Ali took the initiative to ask, but did she really expect an honest answer? The parents in Rosewood are far better liars than the girls are and have many skeletons in their closets. I do wonder, though, if maybe Kenneth doesn't even know anything about Charles. We didn't seem him in the video or pictures. Maybe he is as clueless as we are.

Paul: I think Ali lost the last bit of trust she had for her father this week, and when the truth does come out and things get ugly, look for her to steer clear of him.

Will Spencer jump back on the drugs bandwagon?

Winston: I hope not. Been there, done that. I need Spencer clear-headed and ready for a ChArles takedown.

Aly: I did not like the way that story was told at all. Spencer had a problem with ADD medication, yes, but she has been through an extremely traumatic experience and she should be able to manage her anxiety. However it doesn't look so great that she would steal medication from a friend.

Meaghan: I don't think so. I think she honestly needed help to sleep after what they have been through. Her mom could have gotten the prescription filled and kept it in a safe place and had Spencer have to ask for one when needed to keep an eye on her. Also look where telling her no got her. Now Spencer is stealing the drugs and doing it in secret, which has a much greater chance of becoming an issue.

Paul: I hate when old storylines like this come fighting back to the forefront, so I hope not, but given what the liars went through, it would hardly be a shock.

Which liar was affected the most by the traumatic events in the dollhouse?

Winston: Hanna. Hanna was clearly affected enough by her time in the dollhouse to strip her room of its former identity. Whatever happened to her down there, in her fake room, tainted that room so much, she couldn’t bear to live in the real version of it for a second longer.

Aly: To me this seems like a toss up between Emily and Hanna; both of them are displaying extreme behavior like going to a shooting range and getting rid of everything in an entire bedroom in a matter of hours. Aria never really seems to get the worst of it, and Spencer seems like she is at least trying to maintain control.

Meaghan: I think the better question is which Liar was effected the least? We saw Em, Hanna, and Spencer all dealing with the situation where as Aria seems perfectly normal. Maybe this is my A is for Aria brain working, or maybe I was influenced by all the chatter about her being suspicious before I even watched the episode, but something is very off with her.

Paul: I like your observation about Aria, Meaghan! I brushed her way of dealing with it to the side and just thought she was putting it all in a box at the back of her mind, but you've really given me food for thought. Hanna was the most affected.

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