Hannibal Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Dolce

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Everybody was trippin' in Hannibal Season 3 Episode 6, and I think that the effect might have come through the TV screen. Even I feel like my head's spinning after this episode.

Normally I'm completely in love with the visuals of the show, but this was one time that I felt that they were incredibly distracting. Maybe that was the point? Let's discuss that.

All of the imagery used in this episode was, as usual, beautiful. The bloody-smoky-Wendigo was incredible, as was the opening scene with the blood in the water, and the blood flying from Will's skull at the end.

I personally wasn't feeling the kaleidoscope take on the love scene, but I'm sure there are people who thought it was gorgeous.

I appreciate that Hannibal's imagery has always been part of the storytelling. Bedelia was trying to distract everyone with her own drug-addled state and her story.

Both Will and Hannibal were trying to separate themselves from each other so that they could kill the other. Margot and Alana are lovers and allies, united in their disdain for Mason. I did get the point.

However, at some point it became too much all together. It became difficult to just pay attention to the story, because there was constantly some sort of imagery to mentally deconstruct. It was hard to stay focused when everything was either out of focus and hard to see, or fused together and hard to distinguish.  The visuals felt like constant interruptions to a story that was moving along quite nicely.

Everyone had finally made it to Florence; Will reunited with Jack just in time for Hannibal's exit. Jack, again, was the voice of reason, cautioning Will that he needed to cut out that part of him that was compelled to follow Hannibal.

Bedelia: How does he inspire such devotion?
Chiyo: You're his psychiatrist.

Jack is my favorite character this season, but I find Bedelia the most interesting because she continues to confound me. Did she figure all along that Hannibal wouldn't have been able to control his murderous impulses long enough to cement her demise? Had she been self-medicating the entire time to cope with her situation?

When Bedelia met Chiyo, she mentioned that Chiyo could help her expand her knowledge of Hannibal. Has Hannibal really been a study to her this whole time? How much control has she had? Every episode this season leaves me with more questions about Bedelia du Maurier than the last.

I'm still not a fan of Chiyo, and my boredom with her character got even worse when she faced off with Bedelia. Bedelia has such presence, and she made Chiyo seem so bland and small. Also, where exactly did Chiyo disappear to when Mason Verger's patsy got a hold of Hannibal and Will?

I will say that it's really funny how Chiyo keeps injuring Will. First she shoved him off a train, then she shot him. At first I wanted her to shoot him, because I actually thought that Will was genuinely leaving happily with Hannibal. I declared myself done with Will Graham. Then I saw the knife he pulled out.

You dropped your forgiveness, Will.


It amazes me how everyone on this show -- except maybe Bedelia -- continues to underestimate Hannibal Lecter. The guy is the Batman of cannibals; he knows everyone's next move and he's always ready for it. Why would Will think that he could have taken Hannibal on alone? Even without Chiyo's help, Hannibal had a plan already.

Same with Jack; he should have anticipated some sort of attack on Hannibal's part. Letting down his guard when he saw Will was just such a bad idea. Oh Jack. I'm disappointed in you.

The events of this episode place this show even further away from the novels. It had been widely assumed before that Will Graham was sort of a hybrid of the novels' Will and Clarice Starling. However, today it was Jack Crawford who sat in Clarice's chair, watching in horror as Hannibal started sawing off Will's skull to dine on his brain.

However, now they're at Mason Verger's farm. I have to give Mason credit, he made it happen. It would be almost commendable if he wasn't such a disgusting human being. His discussion with Margot about wanting babies made me gag. Funny how that's what turns my stomach on a show about cannibalism.

On that note, here's our cannibalism joke of the day:

Hannibal: It would be a shame not to savour you.
Bedelia: I haven't marinated enough for your tastes.

What did you all think? Were you okay with the imagery this week, or was it too much? Did you think Jack and Will were careless? Let me know in the comments!  As always, you can always watch Hannibal online.

Dolce Review

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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Hannibal: It would be a shame not to savour you.
Bedelia: I haven't marinated enough for your tastes.

You may make a meal of me yet, Hannibal. But not today.