Power Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Who You Are and Who You Want to Be

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HOLY CRAP! Where do we even begin you guys?

Things are spiraling out of control right now. Seriously, everyone is irritable, scared, depressed, [insert another emotional adjective]. Holly is in custody, Angela is getting pushed aside at work, Tasha is dealing with the betrayal of those closest to her and Ghost is juggling a failed marriage, mistress, possible arrest and the wrath of Jefe. 

Power Season 2 Episode 5 was rather quiet, until things exploded in the closing minutes. While the Power universe has been rocked before, this time it was picked up, juggled in the air a little bit and then dropped off a cliff. 

Holly Gets Grilled - Power

Holly Elizabeth Weaver. It's no secret she is not my favorite and this week did her no favors. She got through that interrogation, I'll give her that, but by the end she was withering under the pressure. 

I'm honestly surprised she didn't give them anything on Tommy. Maybe Angela was right about her. 

If she's in deep enough, we're not going to get anything. When you really love a guy, you stand by him, no matter what he's done. If Holly really loves Tommy, she's not going to say a word.

Angela [to Mike]

She does care about Tommy, but to put him above herself? I didn't necessarily see that coming. But here's the thing about Tommy, he loves Holly, but is his love for Holly greater than his loyalty to his family? Meaning if he finds out Holly is responsible for bringing Ghost down but keeping him safe, how is he going to react?

We'll have to see that play out because it looks like Holly will be aiding Angela in the takedown of Ghost, who Angela now knows is really Jamie!

You dumb bitch. You're the one sleeping with Ghost. Not me.

Holly [to Angela]

My mind was reeling during their bathroom scene. I would have never guessed that Angela would find out the truth about the love of her life while standing in a dingy bathroom and being talked down to by Holly. 

I don't care where you fall on the Angela-Ghost-Tasha spectrum, your heart had to hurt seeing Angela break down and take that trip down memory lane. Ugh, my heart hurts now thinking about the pain etched on her face. 

It was always going to come to this, I understand that, but it really hit me hard. What in the world is she going to do now? There's no way she actually confronts Ghost, is there? And how about Greg spying her with Ghost? Things just went way past complicated. 

Also complicated? The fractured dynamic of the St. James household. Tasha had every right to kick Ghost out and she has every right to feel hurt, but I'm not liking how she seems to want to take Tariq away from his father. I understand that Ghost is in the wrong and cheating doesn't just affect the person who was being cheating on, it affects the whole family, but Tariq needs his father and he should still be a part of his life. 

Just like my heart felt for Angela, it also felt for Tasha, especially during her conversation with Tommy. At this point, who is really on her side? She's been lied to by all the men around her and she's on the outs with her best friend, so all she really has right now is her kids. I guess that's why she feels the need to keep Tariq close. I still have hope she and Ghost will be able to come to some kind of agreement over time. 

Aside from the family drama and jaw-dropping reveal, another big plot pint was the expansion of the drug business. 

With Lobos moving up his timeline, Ghost needed to get the rest of that product sold and that meant expanding his territory. There seems to be a slow-burning discord brewing between Ruiz and Ghost and I think things are going to come to a head sooner than later. 

Ruiz is looking to gain more power and Ghost is really unwilling to give him what he really wants and after promising him new territory and then taking it away, it's only going to feed Ruiz's resentment. With the season half over, I'm fully expecting a Ruiz coup in the next few weeks. 

Well folks, we're halfway through the season now. And this ride is far from over. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Kanan and Shawn were absent this week. Did you miss them?
  • Simon Stern is a creep, but we already knew that. I know Ghost has some kind of a plan to get his club back, but what is it? Any guesses?
  • Looks like the plan to have Dre infiltrate the group is paying off, as he's really endearing himself to Tommy. Tommy can just be so smart and so dumb at the same time. 
  • Speaking of Tommy, he played that Serb takeover brilliantly. That's the smart Tommy I like. The Tommy bogged down by Holly and questioning Tasha's loyalty is the one I could do without.

Power Season 2 is really bringing it so far and "Who You Are And Who You Want To Be" was another solid episode and I'd like to know what you thought. What is Angela going to do next? Can Ghost and Tasha come to an understanding? Will Ghost and company get the money to pay Lobos on time? 

Leave me a comment and let's discuss it all while we patiently wait for next Saturday night. 

Who You Are and Who You Want to Be Review

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Power Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

If she's in deep enough, we're not going to get anything. When you really love a guy, you stand by him, no matter what he's done. If Holly really loves Tommy, she's not going to say a word.

Angela [to Mike]

Angela: She came out of his apartment, it's personal. She is with Tommy, which makes her dangerous. She's not going to be a pushover.
Sax: Good, it's no fun if they don't make you work for it.