Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Parasomnia

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Deaton called it. He said the supernatural laws no longer apply. It's because the laws of science are taking over on Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 2.

Luckily, the rules of Teen Wolf are in place to battle back.

The episode follows Tracy, a student experiencing parasomnia – night terrors. It may be robots stalking Tracy in the dreams, but Tracy is the real monster.

The robots are creating werewolves by some kind of liquid injection and Tracy is their latest victim. Teen Wolf Season 5 is going full on mad science with a reverse Frankenstein. It's terrifying. It's creepy. It's awesome.

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Supernatural laws may not apply, but the laws of Teen Wolf still do. Law #1 – Deaton is Yoda. Heed his sage warnings. Honestly, the pack needs to take notes when Deaton starts talking. I sure am. Lydia isn't the only psychic. 

Night Terrors - Teen Wolf

Scott and Stiles struggled with trust this episode, and it challenged their friendship in a new and concerning way. Theo was more than just a difference of opinion. Theo shines a spotlight on the different ways Scott and Stiles view the world.

Scott: Why can't you trust anyone?
Stiles: Because you trust everyone!

Law #2 – Scott believes in people. He is trusting because he believes either the person is innately good, like him, or they can be saved. Scott believes Theo is worthy of his trust. When Theo asks to join the pack, Scott sees the fourth grade friend having an asthma attack.

Law #3 – Stiles always figures it out. It's not that Stiles is always distrustful. In their argument, Scott points out several people that Stiles gave the benefit of the doubt to like Derek and Kira. But when Stiles looks at Theo, he sees Peter Hale attacking Lydia. His gut is screaming one word: danger. 

The difference between these two best friends is Scott trusts people, and Stiles trusts his gut. These two laws don't always work in perfect cohesion as evidenced tonight. Stiles knows Theo is lying, and he's dangerous. Scott believes even if Theo is lying there is something inside him that's worth saving. So who's right?

Stiles: You know, I bet you still think there's something about him that can be saved.
Scott: Maybe.

My personal Teen Wolf rule is – always listen to Stiles. Yes, Scott's compassion and innate goodness are gifts. It's what makes him a True Alpha. However, whatever is a character's greatest strength is often their greatest weakness. Scott's ability to see the good, and only the good, opens him up for attacks from people who will take advantage of him.

That's where Stiles comes in. Stiles' intelligence and gut instinct have saved the pack time and again. Of course Stiles is right. Of course Scott should listen to him. But if Scott listened we'd have no story. 

Change can breed anxiety, which can breed distrust. That's the challenge before Stiles and Scott. In the midst of all this change, they can't lose track of one another. Scott healing Stiles' nearly broken hand foreshadows no matter how broken these two brothers may become they will always find a way to mend it.

Theo is going to great lengths to infiltrate Scott's pack. The signatures on the speeding ticket and admissions forms didn't match. Theo's parents aren't his parents. To hide the signature mistake, he breaks his "father's" hand. FYI – this is only going to put Stiles on high alert more Theo. Sheriff Stilinski is right – the guilty always make a mistake. Theo just made his.

Theo challenges Liam, too. How much did you love Liam protecting Stiles during the Theo confrontation? Keep it up Liam. Protecting Stiles is a sure way to endear you into my heart forever.

Liam is an excellent example of Scott's belief. As he faces off against Theo in wolf form, he shows he's dominant because he's not running scared. Theo is examining the pack's weaknesses. Liam isn't one of them.

Things are shifting on the romance front, too. Parrish and Lydia are sparking. Malia, in her bold and blunt honesty, makes note of Theo's attractiveness, which understandably rankles Stiles. Listen, she has a boyfriend but she's not dead. Malia's offer to torture Theo in the next breath affirms her heart is with Stiles.  

Kira and Scott continue to be strong and steady. Scott's focus on school and determination to be a veterinarian is undermined by good old fashioned self doubt. My heart broke when Scott said he didn't think he was smart enough. Luckily, Kira was there to bolster confidence with support words and sex. Ya know, I like Kira. She's okay in my book.

Still, romance on Teen Wolf can shift like the wind, and I'm sensing this is the season of change. Sheriff Stalinski took off his wedding ring. Anyone else think he's going to ask Mrs. McCall, aka Scott's mom, on a date? No? Just me. Okay. I'll be alone in my wishful thinking

No matter what the danger or impending change, the key is that Scott, Stiles and the pack cannot lose trust in one another. Their belief in one another is the golden law of Teen Wolf. It's their best defense against the supernatural laws, broken or otherwise.

You can watch Teen Wolf online and see how Scott, Stiles and their bonds of trust consistently save the day.

Parasomnia Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

But I'm starting to wonder if the rules to our supernatural world aren't as rigid as I once thought. Or maybe someone is trying to change those rules.


Your best friend is a werewolf. You are dating a werecoyote. I still don't know what Kira is suppose to be. When the flying monkeys come soaring through this station you will have my undivided attention. Until then, just go to school.

Sherriff Stalinski