Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 9 Review: A Reckoning

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Have all the questions been answered in Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 9

Theresa figured out what was hiding in Plot 33, and better yet, we FINALLY know how Adam Hassler was involved in this whole mess. 

The truth is out there, but that doesn't mean the ride is over. With only one more episode left, how will it all end? 

Wayward Pines - A Reckoning

First of all, I just want to say, thank you Theresa for finally slapping Megan Fisher in the face. I think we all felt a little satisfaction from that. Listening to her going on about David being the savior of all human kind was just too much. Now if only we could just get Ben to shake off her brainwashing and stand up to her. Maybe they're saving that for the finale. 

How will the kids react to the town finding out the truth? They've known all along what's really out there, so will they fight back against the adults? They may not have a chance, as the town is about to have a whole new crisis to deal with now. 

I was expecting the abbies to come through the hole in the fence and attack the town, but that turned out to be a little anti-climactic. Ethan took out a few of the ones who made it through and then patched the hole up pretty quickly. I'm a little annoyed that we were left with pretty much the same cliffhanger two weeks in a row. 

Instead of a hole in the wall, the electric fence has been turned off by David Pilcher. Will the abbies actually get into the town this time? I'm guessing yes, because otherwise I have no idea what else would go down in the finale. It looks like David has decided that Group B's time is done and it is time to start over with Group C. 

If that's the case though, how does he intend to protect himself and Pam? With the town overrun, how will he destroy them all and start over? Will the town fight back and defeat the abbies, or will they all die? 

Letting everyone die would be one way of leaving the show open for a potential season 2. They could start over next season with Group C and a whole new cast. I don't expect that to happen, but Under the Dome has proven that anything is possible. 

I've been trying to figure out what Adam Hassler's involvement could be in all of this. It was clear he knew something, but it wasn't clear whether or not he was ever in the hibernation chambers. Now we know that he in fact was, but that he went off searching the country for possible human life and created a video journal, along with hundreds of others. 

This begs the question, just how many people were chosen for these chambers? So many that they could afford to risk hundreds of them in order to explore the country? We're starting the world over again, every life counts. 

I have to say, I never would have guessed that Plot 33 housed all those videos. Pam obviously wanted Theresa to find them. Are we about to see a major sibling rivalry in the finale? 

So will the town overcome the abbies and live safe, happy lives in Wayward Pines? Ethan's done with the reckonings, but they shouldn't be necessary anymore now that town knows the truth. He's still going to have to figure out what to do with the kids who shot Harold and the other resistance members at the station though. 

He's got a lot of brainwashing to overcome if this town is going to make it. Jason didn't even hesitate to shoot those people. That's pretty scary when you think about it. 

One crack in the ark and it all goes down.


At the very least, he's got to fire Mrs. Fisher. This town has to have more than one teacher, right? Or at least, someone else capable of becoming one. 

Maybe the solution is to put Mrs. Fisher, Jason, and anyone else who can't accept the new situation back in the hibernation chambers for a couple hundred years. That'll teach 'em! 

What do you guys think? Will Amy make it? Will anyone? 

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A Reckoning Review

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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

If you could have killed the Easter bomber before he acted, would you? Don't make the same mistake twice, don't wait til it's too late. Just consider, one life to save Wayward Pines.

David Pilcher

One crack in the ark and it all goes down.