Teen Wolf: Watch Season 5 Episode 7 Online

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What's the latest with the Dread Doctors?

Well. we're still not sure. But we think, after watching Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7, that they aren't the only people we need to be worried about (well, them and Theo).

Kira is posing a lot more of a threat than anticipated this season. Is her kistune up to no good?

Don't fix a snack before clicking below, because there is a lot of gore to be had and the lives of some of your favorites are in jeopardy. Or are they? Exactly how do you tell what's real and what isn't? That's often the case with Teen Wolf, and there's nothing like stepping in a bear tap to prove the point.

Find out who gets slapped and who gets their tongue ripped out when you watch Teen Wolf online. Who wants to miss anything in that sliding scale?!

Click above.

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Liam: She said she heard a voice saying, 'Your condition improves.'
Stiles: Well that's unsettling.

Asking me to close my eyes was weird. Sticking a glow stick in my face, even weirder, but werewolves and Dread Doctors? Even weirder.