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When the pack finds out Hayden's a chimera, they come up with a plan to protect her, and to also capture a Dread Doctor. They hide Hayden in the school, and it's not long before the Dread Doctors show up.

After an intense fight scene where Kira almost kills her mom, she learns that the fox inside of her currently has more power. Kira's mom thinks she can shift the power back in the human's favor.

The Sheriff decides to get Melissa's opinion on the Dread Doctors. They learn that the chimeras were already genetic chimeras before the Dread Doctors got to them. Each chimera had two different strands of DNA.

Theo and Stiles are tasked with waiting to see who is kidnapping the bodies of dead chimeras. Theo continues to try to get Stiles to trust him by telling him about how he was too late to save his sister. In reality, Theo watched his sister in the lake and did nothing to save her.

Parrish touches a playing card and then hallucinates making out with Lydia. Well, it starts out as Lydia and then turns into this woman who is covered in burns or some kind of goo.

Things start to get violent, well at least it looks like it did. The Dread Doctors just made Lydia, Scott, and Malia think that they were experiencing these things. In fact, it was all a dream. While they were all out dreaming, the Dread Doctors kidnapped Hayden and Liam.

Meanwhile, Parrish shows up at the clinic, and he fire punches Theo, and tips Roscoe the jeep over with Stiles inside. They both make it out alive, and while they are missing a body, Melissa comes home to see the body of a girl chimera in her kitchen.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Liam: She said she heard a voice saying, 'Your condition improves.'
Stiles: Well that's unsettling.

Asking me to close my eyes was weird. Sticking a glow stick in my face, even weirder, but werewolves and Dread Doctors? Even weirder.