Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Strange Frequencies

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Man, the Dread Doctors are giving out something strong because the pack was hardcore hallucinating.

On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7, we saw a lot of gory violent attacks. Malia stepped in a bear trap and then a metal rod went through her neck, Lydia had her tongue ripped out, and Scott was stabbed by Kira. Seriously, the gore was over the top. I'm still not over the whole tongue situation.

What attack scarred you the most?

Even though it seemed like three different pack members were mortally wounded, hallucination didn't immediately cross my mind. I figured they would brush it off.

Clearly, I was not thinking straight due to all the blood and gore that kept coming my way. We already know that the Dread Doctors have a thing with memories; after all, you shouldn't remember your encounters with them, unless you read the book.

Thankfully, Scott brought up the fact that they still don't know what they're up against. This sort of helps to make up for the fact that, well, we still don't know what we're up against. It's episode 7, people! We should know more about the Dread Doctors other than they experiment on people for some strange reason.

Melissa and the Sheriff made a breakthrough that let us know how the Dread Doctors choose their targets, but that doesn't help us all that much. All it tells us is what sample group the Dread Doctors are pulling their test subjects from. We are still missing the why and the how, not to mention the who is only partially answered. How does one become a Dread Doctor anyway? Do you just need a helmet that is reminiscent of a Scooby Doo mystery?

Hayden is growing on me. She punched Liam whenever he shifted, so how could I not like her? Her sort-of romance with Liam has been cute. It's been a nice distraction from the horror movie that the Dread Doctors are creating. All those cutesy scenes helped us to see how much Liam cares for her, so it made sense when he got slightly upset when he learned Hayden was being used as bait.

Scott, promise me you will do everything you can to save her. Scott, promise.


Liam and Scott's continuing bromance has been one of the best things to come out of Scott becoming an alpha. While they will never beat Sciles out for BROTP of the year, Liam and Scott have a great bond. Scott, as Derek (come back to me) Hale said, is good at training and raising a beta. Do you think Liam is going to pull away from and maybe resent Scott if the Dread Doctors hurt Hayden?

Just when you think Theo isn't a completely terrible person, you find out he watched his sister freeze to death. He just told Stiles this heartfelt tale about how much he regretted not being able to find his sister in time, and then we saw the truth in a flashback. This was an A+ usage of a flashback. Here's my concern: Theo said Stiles reminded him of his sister, whom he killed, so is this some kind of foreshadowing that Theo is going to try to kill Stiles?

I think I know what my punishment is. I'm going to lose my best friend. I'm going to lose Scott.


Theo is clearly playing the long game. He is evil, but he has saved Stiles' life twice now. We don't really know what Theo ultimately wants or how the Dread Doctors factor in to all of this. My best guess is that he wants Scott to suffer for some reason, but Theo probably could have done that without the help of the Dread Doctors.

He could have just shown up and waited for the next bad guy to pop into Beacon Hills, and it wouldn't have taken long for that to happen.

It is looking like Kira is more dangerous than Theo at this point. Yes, yes, the scene where she stabbed Scott was a hallucination, but she is still the messenger of death. She was probably the one who left the chimera's body in Scott's kitchen. It was a message of death, after all.

Kira's mom believes that the fox inside of Kira has more power than Kira the human. The fox is a part of Kira though, right? If so, then why during the fight scene did Kira's mom ask, in Japanese, who she was fighting against? Is it possible that the kitsune part of Kira was infected with some evil fox spirit?

Maybe the 115 is a clue to the identity of the fox that has taken over Kira's body.

Did we really need to bring in a Kira mystery right now? I'm all for learning more about kitsunes, but we have this monster of a big bad in the Dread Doctors and Theo. Essentially, the Dread Doctors are three mysteries in one. We need to figure out who they are, why Theo is working with them, and what all of them what.

This isn't an easy thing to figure out, and it's doubtful that Kira's struggle somehow ties into the Dread Doctors. Who knows, maybe they did something to her, but it wouldn't really make sense.

So we're standing here waiting for guys with masks and breathing tubes to show up, but who are what are Stiles and Theo waiting for?


We do have yet another mystery with Parrish, but at least it ties into the Dread Doctors a bit since he is the one taking the bodies of the dead chimeras. Plus, we have been slow burning the Parrish mystery for a while.

It's about time we got some answers, even if those answers come in the form of a totally creepy hallucination make-out session that starts off with Lydia and ends with some creepy lady who is either burned or covered in some sort of goo. That's not exactly what Lydia and Parrish (Marrish?) shippers were hoping for.

What did you think of "Strange Frequencies"? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below. Remember, you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

Strange Frequencies Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Liam: She said she heard a voice saying, 'Your condition improves.'
Stiles: Well that's unsettling.

Asking me to close my eyes was weird. Sticking a glow stick in my face, even weirder, but werewolves and Dread Doctors? Even weirder.