How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: A Killer Reveal

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Rebecca's killer has been revealed! SPOILER ALERT!

If you have yet to see How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 1, well, what are you waiting for? The premiere was everything you've come to expect from this twisty show. It was exciting, emotional and had that gut punch ending that came to define the first season.

Join our TV Fanatics Rachel Miller, Amanda Steinmetz, Miranda Wicker and Whitney Evans as we debate everything from the introduction of Eve to that shocking ending!

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What was your favorite scene from the premiere?

Rachel: My favorite scene had to be the moment where we found out the identity of Rebecca’s killer. It was very unexpected.

Amanda: Definitely the ending. I wasn't sure how the show would be able to keep the momentum going, but the final scene set up the mystery perfecting. I also loved all the scenes between Connor and Oliver. Those two are adorable.

Miranda: CONNOR AND OLIVER! When Connor just moved in like "hey, dude. I'm here. This is happening." In general, I love Connor, but I especially love him when he's letting his guard down around Oliver, so that was a favorite for me.

Whitney: I'm with Amanda here, I loved the ending. I thought the episode was okay, if not a bit slow, but then we got those last few minutes to set the season up, and I quickly remembered why I loved this show so much.

Were you surprised by the reveal of Rebecca's killer?

Rachel: I was extremely shocked. I never expected Rebecca’s killer to be Bonnie. Bonnie was always sneaking in the background and popping up unannounced, which should’ve given us a hint that we shouldn’t trust her. The fact that Bonnie even killed Rebecca with such a straight face was extremely creepy. Bonnie is a psychopath that allowed her obsession with Sam turn her into a cold-blooded killer. I pretty much had my mind set on the killer being Frank seeing how he’s killed someone before.

Amanda: Not at all. I suspected it was either going to be Bonnie or Wes. There's still so much we don't know about Bonnie, so I hope we get more backstory on her over the upcoming weeks.

Miranda: Actually, yes, I was very surprised. I feel like there are no good people on this show. Literally everyone has blood on their hands. I expected Bonnie to be the one holdout and voice of sanity and reason, but no. She's crazy.

Whitney: I wanted to be more surprised than I was. Bonnie is bonkers, and she has proven that time and time again, so making her a murderer seemed a logical next step.

What were your first impressions of Eve?

Rachel: I honestly thought she was going to tell police the truth about Annalise’s involvement with Sam’s death. It was surprising to know that she and Annalise were former lovers.

Amanda: I don't trust her yet. She seems to want to be on the right side of justice, but I'm sure that will change quickly now that she's agreed to defend Nate. Also, I'm curious how she really feels about Annalise. Does she still love her or does she hate her?

Miranda: I agree that she cannot be trusted, not at all. She's going to find out that Annalise played her in order to get her to defend Nate (and let's be real, that's exactly what that scene in Eve's apartment was). Eve will defend her client and then set her sights on revenge against Annalise.

Whitney: I was also surprised by their past relationship, which leads me to think Eve may wind up causing Annalise trouble down the line. Some people truly never get over having their heart broken.

What do you make of the relationship between Annalise and Wes?

Rachel: Their relationship has always been creepy and strange to me. One minute it’s like Annalise is attempting to be a mother figure to Wes. The other minute, it seems like Annalise is trying to seduce Wes. The dancing scene and the way Annalise looked at Wes was totally weird.

Amanda: I'm just putting it out there: Annalise and Wes are going to have sex by the time she's shot. These two have had the weirdest sexual tension since How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 1. I think their relationship has weird sexual undertones and maternal undertones, which makes their relationship even more confusing.

Miranda: Ditto Amanda. Their relationship has super bizarre sexual vibes. It's like she's trying to be maternal but also seductive, and I get all the weird feels from it. Part of me has always wanted her to be like "SURPRISE! I'm your mom!" and he's some sort of long-lost son she gave up before becoming an attorney. That does not at all seem to be where this is going.

Whitney: I have no idea what to make of them, but I want to know what their connection is so badly! Don't think I didn't notice that during an Annalise voiceover she said "lover" and suddenly Wes's face was flashing across the screen!

Who do you suspect shot Annalise?

Rachel: I honestly do not who to point the finger at on this one. Yes, they want us to think that Wes shot her, but c’mon, it’s not going to be that easy.

Amanda: I don't think it's Wes because that set that up to be too obvious. I'd like the person to be someone unexpected like Asher. He's the only one on the outside of everything that went down with Sam and Lila. It would be interesting to see him be brought into the murderous fold.

Miranda: Eve. My money's on Eve. She's going to find out she got played and get her revenge.

Whitney: It's a little too soon to narrow down the suspects, but I think Wes probably finds Annalise and then runs for help. Maybe Bonnie becomes a full-fledged serial killer and targets Annalise next.

Be sure to tune into How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 2 Thursday, Oct. 1 at 10/9c!

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