How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 1 Review: It's Time to Move On

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Well, that was the longest layoff ever, right?

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 1 finally premiered after a seven month hiatus, and it was pretty tame by this shows standards. That is until the last half of the episode, when things started to get a little bit crazy.

The previews promised us we would discover the identity of Rebecca's killer, and if you thought that was the only surprise, you were sadly mistaken. No folks, we've got our season long mystery ready to be dissected and theorized about for the foreseeable future. And boy is it a doozy. 

We picked up merely ten days post Rebecca's demise and Annalise and Frank were trying their damnedest to figure out who did the deed. From the get go, Frank seemed pretty sure it was Wes, while Annalise, of course, didn't share the same viewpoint. 

The Annalise and Frank team is a great pairing, and I hope we see more of it this season. Frank became a much more fully formed character towards the back half of How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 and his dynamic with Annalise is great. There's clearly a respect there, but it's completely shrouded by distrust. It's going to be amazing when she finds out Frank was the one to kill Lila. 

While Frank was busy cloning computers and doing an awful job of tailing Wes around the city, Annalise was juggling not only the search for Rebecca's killer, but a visit from an old flame and a desire to find a new case. 

Frank: Where are you going?
Annalise: To get us a murder case that didn't happen in this house.

Let's touch on the case first because it wasn't a one and done deal like we've been used to. Caleb and Catherine are adopted siblings accused of murdering their wealthy parents. After getting their lawyer to mess up in court as only Annalise and company could mastermind, the siblings finally hired Annalise as their lawyer. 

And that's where the case stopped. We didn't get a conclusion and the flash forward leads us to believe the siblings' storyline will be an ongoing ordeal for the rest of the season. Does that mean there won't continue to be other cases of the week? I've always been more intrigued by the other aspects of the show and less invested in the cases, but I do think they are a necessary part of a show like this.

Anyway, there was a little twist, as the siblings' aunt, who placed them at the scene of the crime, had her throat slashed at episode's end. Conveniently it looks like Caleb was out for a jog around the time of auntie's murder, but I'm thinking it will be awhile before we get to the bottom of that murder.

One murder we did get to the bottom of was poor Rebecca Sutter's. Annalise and Frank went back and forth over the killer's identity but it suddenly became clear to Annalise who was behind it, and once we saw how the crime went down, it made sense.

Crazy, crazy Bonnie. Many believed she was the one behind Lila's death, as she was OBSESSED with Sam and all, so it wasn't wholly surprising that she was psychotic enough to suffocate Rebecca.

You need to go.

Bonnie [to Rebecca]

While she held fast to the belief that she was doing it for Annalise, we all know she was doing it for Sam in her own twisted way. Is Annalise ever going to reveal Rebecca's death and Bonnie's hand in it? I'm guessing no, if only to protect herself and her students. 

While the 'Bonnie is a killer' plot was good, it was the ending that everyone will be talking about. We flashed forward two months and heard a gunshot go off in the ridiculous mansion of Caleb and Catherine. Next we saw the figure of a man running from the compound, and I'm guessing we all collectively said in unison, "That's Wes!"

Sure enough it was Wes, but that was never meant to be the shocking part. The shock came when we saw who had just been shot.

ANNALISE! What the what?!?! I'm putting it out there right now, there is absolutely NO WAY Wes shot Annalise. I will not believe it, and you can not convince me. 

So if not Wes, then who?

Random Notes

  • The lawyer Annalise urged Hot Nate to call was her ex-girlfriend Eve. These two have a very sordid history, as Annalise left Eve for Sam back in the day. It took a look of jockeying, tears and a steamy makeout session to get Eve on board with taking Hot Nate's case, but she eventually gave in. That Annalise really does get what she wants.
  • Asher is spying on Annalise (and everyone?) for the ADA in Nate's case. Uh oh. 
  • Michaela can't leave well enough alone, and she's reaching out to the mystery man Rebecca texted shortly before she was clipped. Not too sure what to really make of that. 
  • Connor and Oliver are taking their relationship to the next level by becoming roomies. Yay! 
  • Annalise and Wes are seriously so freaking weird, and when they were dancing together at that club I felt like I was watching something I shouldn't be watching. I continue to be perplexed by their creepy relationship. Am I alone in this feeling? Anyone?

Alright people, now it's time to hear what you thought about the premiere. Were you surprised Bonnie was the killer? What did you think of Eve? Will Asher really sell Annalise out? Who the hell shot Annalise?

The fun is just beginning you guys! Make sure you watch How to Get Away with Murder online so you don't miss a minute of the action!

NOTE: How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 2 will air on October 1st!

It's Time to Move On Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Michaela: You do realize I'm not scared to hit a bitch.
Laurel: Oh just throw me down the stairs, you did a pretty good job with Sam.

Frank: You know, whoever did this had to be strong enough to drag her behind the stairs.
Annalise: A person can lift almost anything if they're desperate enough.