Scream Queens Round Table: Who is the Red Devil?

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It's safe to say Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 1 and Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 2 comprised a super intense two-hour series premiere.

We witnessed several deaths, one shocking twist and were left with more than a few suspects for our masked murderer, the Red Devil.

Luckily, we have a team of Scream Queens Fanatics on hand to help parse through the craziness and discuss this jam-packed episode, including fan Nick Rodriguez, as well as TV Fanatics Caralynn Lippo, Hank Otero and Carissa Pavlica.

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What did you think of the tone? Too campy? Not campy enough?

Hank: The tone was absolutely perfect! The pilot was exactly what I was expecting having seen the promos. The writing was much more clever than I thought it would be, though. The cast killed it, everyone was at the top of their game. I hope that energy continues throughout the season.

Carissa: I thought it was perfect. Frankly, every time I see someone say they didn't like it, I'm perplexed. Everyone has different tastes, of course, but I find it surprising they don't all share mine. This pilot was so much fun, delivered stylishly, with wicked timing, irreverent dialogue and no holds barred mayhem that knew not to take itself too seriously. What wasn't to love? Get with it, people.

Nick: Scream Queens was INCREDIBLY campy. At this point, Ryan Murphy and friends have turned "camp" into a genre. However, I don't yet know how I feel about the tone. On the one hand, the camp and outlandishness of the plot and dialogue were obviously stylistic choices, but it was a bit of a detriment to the overall quality of the show. Essentially, I'm talking about how the plot was forced away from the characters.

I don't know about you, but none of the rushing girls had ANY reason to go along with Chanel's demands, except for maybe Hester, who's a complete freak (and a breath of fresh air for Lea Michele's filmography). Especially Keke Palmer's character, who didn't even want to be there in the first place. So, yeah, tonally, it was completely campy. But the show better not keep forgoing LOGIC for STYLE.

Caralynn: Super-duper campy! I loved the tone. I’ve watched enough Ryan Murphy series that I knew what to expect going in, and the show did not disappoint. Knowing what the show was, I didn’t have a problem suspending my disbelief and giving in to just enjoy the over-the-top ridiculousness and absurdity of it all.

Which was your favorite death?

Hank: They were all so great, but I've got to go with Tiffany, a.k.a. Deaf Taylor Swift. How cruel was that scene, you guys? OMG – Honorable mention goes to Chanel #2's texting death with the Red Devil... hilarious!

Carissa: Deaf Taylor Swift, "Are you singing Taylor Swift?" and that scene reminded me of Sinister, which scared the bejeesus out of me. I've never even been buried in the sand. The idea of it is just beyond. But poor White Mammy, who was ultimately so damned sweet, really got me. The way she kind of whined just before being thrust into the fryer? Oh so sad. And I really need to know – did they clean that oil before using it again? Because they aren't the brightest bulbs on campus, and I'm worried they're eating her face. Just ewwww!

Nick: Ariana Grande's (Chanel #2’s) kill. This may sound hypocritical, but I found the complete lack of logic in her texting the Red Devil and TWEETING her killer's actions to be hilarious. I think the difference, here, is that is seemed to be in line with her character, or at least what little we saw of her character before her death. But, she seemed like the type who WOULD text her killer while he or she was standing right in front of her.

Caralynn: Oh my god, Carissa, I hadn't even thought of that with the frying oil! Barf! And I thought the "poo-y hand water" bit was nasty... My pick for best death was Chanel #2's, for sure. I was laughing out loud throughout that entire scene. It was so ridiculous! I don’t know how anyone could’ve thought the show was meant to be taken seriously after that point. It’s a farce!

A hilarious, uber-watchable farce. Everything about the scene was funny, from #2 opening the door to begin with (why on earth would anyone with even half a brain open the door after a text taunting you to open it?) to texting the killer to please stop attacking her. I loved the bit where she attempted to tweet for help. She went way beyond 140 characters with that one.

Let's talk about that twist at the end. Did you see it coming? What do you think is going on there?

Hank: I can't say I saw it coming, though I found it odd they'd kill both Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas in the pilot. My best guess is that Chad and Boone were just having a little fun with their pledges. I don't think either of them is the killer.

Carissa: I'm with Hank. There could be a slight variation, otherwise I have absolutely no idea what's going on there. There could be double fake out, don't you think? I'm imagining him and someone pulling a prank, but the Red Devil offing his true pranking partner before they rescued him from the drawer, so he'll wind up dead anyway. That's all I got.

Nick: Nick Jonas being alive? NOPE. And I loved it. Because I love Nick Jonas. Did I see it coming? Hell nah. I have no idea what could be going on, there. The options are too many – he's clearly an agent of the Red Devil, but as to what his connections to the overall story could be? Not a clue.

Caralynn: I was really surprised when his character was killed so suddenly, and a little suspicious that the death was shown off-screen. So while the nature of his resurrection was surprising, the fact that he wasn’t actually dead wasn’t too much of a shock. I hadn’t thought of Hank and Carissa’s idea that Boone and Chad were just playing a prank on their pledges, but I definitely find that theory really interesting! I’m dying to see how they’re going to play this off in Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 3.

Who do you think the killer is? Why?

Hank: Right now, I'm leaning toward Pete. He's just the right amount of creepy and boring good guy in need of a cool twist. Plus, he had the Red Devil costume which I think was a nice way of throwing us off. Of course, any of the characters could be the killer. It's going to be a blast playing detective this season.

Carissa: I'm thinking about Pete, as well, but only because he's syrupy and annoying. I really don't like Diego Boneta, and there has to be more to his story to be included and so sickeningly sweet. Sorry DB.

Nick: I'm no detective. At this point, I really don't know who I think the Red Devil is. I would sort of love it if it turned out to be Chad in some messed up necrophiliac sorta thing, but that's probably not true because it has nothing to do with the death of the girl from 1995. Ask me again after Episode 7.

Caralynn: As I was watching the premiere the first time, I became more and more convinced that the killer was Dean Munsch. Upon a rewatch, I’ve changed my opinion entirely – I think it’s Melanie Dorkess! Chanel’s predecessor, the last president of Kappa. A lot of people missed this, I think, but Melanie didn’t actually die. Chanel specifically mentioned that the spray tan company settled out of court with Melanie, and you can’t settle out of court with a dead person. Pair that with the fact that Melanie Dorkess had a line about the next president of Kappa needing to be willing to “dance with the devil.” It’s totally Dorkess.

Who will die next?

Hank: Most of the dudes on the show are disposable, though losing Chad would be a real bummer. Glen Powell is terrific in the role. I wouldn't mind Chanel's #3 or #5 biting it, but Hester has got to stick around. Such a juicy role for Lea Michele, with no trace of Rachel Berry present at all.

Carissa: I have a feeling it will be a Chanel elimination game to make Roberts’ Chanel feel increasingly isolated and vulnerable. One down! She can keep naming new Chanel's, but certainly she's at the heart of this mystery in some way. To kill her off would be a mistake, as her delivery is just wretchedly delightful.

Nick: Abigail Breslin (Chanel #5). What a bitch. She should die, and I want her to. Or maybe the other Chanel, with the earmuffs. What are those earmuffs about?

Caralynn: I agree with Hank, Hester definitely needs to stick around! I also want Zayday to stick around. I think it would be great for Ryan Murphy to pull a fast one on us and kill off Grace (killing off the apparent protagonist is always an unexpected, adventurous move), but I suspect the next death will be one of the minor pledges who has gotten less focus. Like Jennifer candle-blogger or “Predatory Lez.” Or possibly Gigi Caldwell. Now that she is in the midst of forming a romantic connection with Grace’s dad, I can see her being killed pushing him further into the story.

What was your favorite Chanel Oberlin one-liner? Or your favorite one-liner from the episode in general?

Hank: I'm a total child, so I loved (and laughed out loud at) the line about Dean Munsch. "Do you think you like to munch box because your last name is Munsch or is that just a coincidence?" Yeah, I'm giggling like a dork just typing that up, hahaha.

Carissa: The whole thing about fatties and ethnics mixing food and weird spices made me laugh out loud, but almost everything out of Chanel's mouth made me laugh. I also enjoyed Dean Munsch and her boy toy, "I'm gonna barf on your face unless you get out of here." Hank and I would get along well in a room together, acting all childish. Hahaha.

Nick: Pretty much everything that came out of her mouth, but "Good evening, idiot hookers," or, "Congratulations, stupid hippos," would probably fit best on a T-shirt.

Caralynn: Chanel Oberlin is infinitely quotable. “Good evening, idiot hookers” is a personal favorite. I also loved nearly all of Melanie Dorkess’ horrifically insulting jabs at Chanel in that flashback. “I could actually handle that you’re built like a Thai ladyboy,” was so out of left field and such a classic Ryan Murphy line.

Caralynn Lippo is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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