Chicago Fire Round Table: Solidarity and Diaper Cakes

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Welcome back to the Chicago Fire Round Table!

Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 3 left us with Dawson's life in peril. What will happen to her and her unborn baby?

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Ann to discuss the baby's fate, Severide's relationship, and the conclusion of Brett's story line with her patient. Let us know your thoughts!

Chicago Fire Round Table 1-27-15

Will Dawson's baby survive?

Elizabeth: Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Honestly, my first reaction to this storyline last spring was that she would eventually lose the baby, and things keep happening to reinforce that – everyone finding out before they were ready to announce for one. It's just the most logical direction for this story to go in. Without permanently sidelining Dawson to Arson or some other department, how does the show handle the logistics of a baby?

And The show runners have to know that they have intrinsic gender problems to fight, so sidelining Dawson, especially after all she went through to become a firefighter seems unlikely. All that being said, will the baby go next week? That seems like the obvious option at the moment, but I have a feeling the baby drama is going to be drawn out and milked until it's dry.

Ann: Well after all that she and Casey have been through, I certainly hope that the baby and Dawson will survive this. If the powers that be pull this and something happens to them, this show will lose a lot in that process.

Stacy: I also guessed last year that this would end in miscarriage. Dramas love to go that route and we've seen them happen a lot recently (Graceland, The Night Shift, Rizzoli and Isles, etc). Next week is sooner than I would have guessed for it to happen, but it doesn't make sense to save the baby now for her to lose it later. I like Elizabeth's "hope for the best, plan for the worst" motto.

Are you satisfied with how Brett's story line ended?

Elizabeth: I am. You just know she was imagining adopting that kid, but that would have been a disaster. I really enjoyed how Chili tried to help her through it, and how Boden and Dr. Charles worked together to help her through it there at the end.

Ann: Yes, loved the interaction of the Doc Charles from Chicago Med. How it ended, so excited how Baby Alex now has his Dad and it looks like it is a miracle match. But, I think Brett will continue to check on Baby Alex, maybe. Since she is a loose end, who knows how this will work out. It could. Just my opinion.

Stacy: I think Brett needed to find this baby some family for her to have closure. I also like that Boden stepped in to help her get it, but I would be a little concerned that this could happen again. I like that Brett cares so much, but she will make herself crazy if she gets this attached to too many patients. She almost got herself and Chili killed.

Transferred - Chicago Fire

Is there hope for Kelly and Jamie?

Elizabeth: Boy, I hope not. Kelly shouldn't be allowed to pick his own girlfriends at this point. By the way, was I the only one laughing and remembering Shay's ex when Jamie told Dawson to relax because she wasn't going to steal anything?

Ann: I don't think so, Kelly wants honesty and Jamie was not honest with him, she used what she found out from Gabby to her advantage. I agree with Elizabeth, Kelly should not be able to choose his girlfriend, he is a loose cannon. So with that being said, I think Kelly and April Sexton (YaYa) would be a good match and that one should stick, at least for a whole season.

Stacy: Honestly, I would just like to see Kelly in a stable relationship. I had high hopes for Jamie, but I don't think she'll be able to redeem herself.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Elizabeth: I enjoyed the elevator rescue and the new candidate's story (I may even learn his name now!). I've always wondered what they did if you got stuck in between express stops, so that was interesting, plus I really liked Casey in the role of teacher.

Ann: My favorite was when Casey and the team showed up on 24th Street again and together with Dr. Halstead, saved that man from dying. Also when Casey and his team saved that little girl in the elevator, Jimmy and Danny where Jimmy basically told him he wasn't leaving 51, Chili to Sylvie, "you did that." Those were my favorites.

Stacy: I thought it was really cute that Casey ordered a club soda instead of a beer in solidarity with Dawson. I also like the idea of Chili planning a baby shower. I hope the baby survives so we can see that happen.

Stacy Glanzman is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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