Chicago PD Round Table: Is Lindsay Back?

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What an intense way to open the season!

Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 1 brought Lindsay back into the fold in order to save Halstead, introduced Olinsky's daughter,and created a new conflict for Roman and Burgess.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Elizabeth Harlow, and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Ann to discuss Lindsay's continued struggle, Olinsky's daughter, and the Burgess/Ruzek engagement.

Chicago PD 1-27-15

Is Lindsay's spiral over or will we continue to see her struggle? Will she really be able to cut her mother out of her life?

Paul: I don't think it's close to being over. Sure, she can try and adhere to Voight's strict rules, but I'm sure we all know she won't be able to. Bunny will continue to poison her mind and try and sway her back over to the dark side. Let's hope the good side wins!

Elizabeth: I'm sure she'll backslide some, because addiction isn't wrapped up that tidily, but she'll come through in the end. Maybe with a good detox scene while Jay holds her through the worst of it?

Ann: I think when she heard Jay say to her, 'If you see Lindsay. . . .' she had some pretty emotional feelings there, you could see it in her eyes. She wasn't ready to give up her drugs and alcohol at that point, but when Al called her and told her Jay had been kidnapped, she was ready to do whatever it was took, maybe to prove herself to Jay, because she still loves him. Her spiral isn't over, but now that she wants it to be. There is a starting point. So she is going to do whatever Hank tells her to do because she wants to have the camaraderie, and she really wants her star back. Yes she will stumble and fall, but with Hank and Jay there to help, she will recover. It will take a while, and she will backslide, but she will make it, because she really wants to, and I think she will eventually dump her mother.

Stacy: I hope it's not completely over, simply because that would be too easy. It is more realistic if we continue to see her struggle in her recovery, but I don't think it needs to be dragged out too long. I hope she's ready to cut Bunny out, as Voight said, she's a cancer. However, I'm sure Bunny won't go down without a fight.

Do you think Ruzek and Burgess will get married this season?

Paul: I think Burgess has a lot of doubts. She might not show it, but I'm certain she does. I'd like to think there would be a wedding this season, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of them is bumped off before the season winds down either.

Elizabeth: I'm really not sure. There's just as much hay to be made by calling it off as there is by having the two of them work through challenges. I'd like to see them go through with it because a) marriage can be just as dramatic as breaking people up, and b) it seems more realistic that at some point in Chicago an engaged couple goes through with it.

Ann: Geez lets hope so, she obviously loves him and he loves her, we need a wedding, I thought it was gonna be Jay and Erin, but that didn't happen. YET, eventually, I hope so. But Ruzek and Burgess, I hope, will marry sometime this season. She has doubts, but she loves him, so I think there will be a wedding this season.

Stacy: I hope so, but I'm torn on whether or not I actually think it will happen. Ruzek has been engaged before, but hopefully this time its different.

Do you want to see Olinsky develop a relationship with his daughter? Where do you think that storyline is headed?

Paul: I'd like him to develop a relationship with the kid, yes, but I think she's just going to use him for money and things. She does have a right to be a little mad at him though. He's never been there for her, but then again, he never knew she existed.

Elizabeth: I actually thought that he was the one screwing up at the end. The fact that he wasn't taking her home with him but had something "set up" for her indicates he hasn't told his "real" family. From her perspective, why shouldn't she take advantage of his guilt when he just wants the easy way out? Seriously, would he have let his other daughter ride off with some grown man he didn't know? Shame on you, Olinsky.

Ann: It would be cool if they had a story line so Olinsky could have some kind of relationship with his daughter. Right now she's in a bad place, and maybe her Dad will have to step up to the plate for her.

Stacy: I predict somewhere down the line she will end up involved in one of their cases and that will spur some relationship between them.

What do you think Roman is hiding?

Paul: A personality perhaps? Just kidding. I don't think he's on any hard drugs. I'm expecting him to have some sort of illness and it will be exploited to form a stronger bond with Burgess.

Elizabeth: Diabetes? Although a personality is a good guess, Paul. I predict this storyline will be super anticlimactic.

Ann: Maybe he has diabetes, something like that. Or it could be drugs, Burgess knows what drugs look like, should have noticed what was in the syringe.

Stacy: LOL Paul! I don't think it's drugs. They just did a drug storyline, we don't need to go through that again. I agree with Elizabeth that it will probably be something anticlimatic.

Grade the season premiere.

Paul: A-. It was one of the best episodes yet and the acting was first class. The case was pretty interesting and the way it paved the way for Lindsay's road to redemption was pretty seamless.

Elizabeth: B+. The episode itself was good, but I'm deducting points for the "Chicago" universe's ongoing failure at continuity. How was the first episode back not related to Matt's abduction on Fire? Seriously.

Ann: A. It was a great episode, one of the best ones I have seen in a while. I loved when Erin rescued Jay from evil.

Stacy: A. I loved the intensity and was completely invested. I do agree with Elizabeth that the continuity issues are annoying. I couldn't help but think about Otis and everyone at the bar at the end while Casey was supposedly missing somewhere, but I didn't deduct points for that.

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Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Roman: What the hell is that?
Platt: My wedding planner from when I was engaged.
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I don't know who you are, but tell Lindsay she made me a better cop, if you ever see her again.