17 Most Powerful TV Scenes of 2014-2015

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The 2014-2015 TV season had a crazy amount of powerful scenes. Sure, most of them were saved for the season finales, but they were needed. 

Empire rose the ranks every week to post new highs, but it all came to a head when Cookie contemplated killing Lucious once and for all for everything he's put their family through. 

We also lost a few shows which went out with crazy scenes in their final weeks on the air. Remember when Daniel died on Revenge, Emily declared that it wasn't all a lie? Yeah, that was sad, but he still had to go, right?

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1. Chicago PD - Lindsay Realizes Nadia Is Dead

Chicago PD - Lindsay Realizes Nadia Is Dead
Lindsay took Nadia under her wing and helped her turn her life around before it was too late. It just so happens that bad things happen to very good people and Nadia was cruelly taken from us in the concluding part of a three way crossover. When watching the scenes of her being attacked, we just kept expecting Lindsay to show up with a gun and save her, but the show skipped ahead some hours randomly and showed us Lindsay identifying her best friend's body.

2. Game of Thrones - Cersei's Walk of Shame

Game of Thrones - Cersei's Walk of Shame
Cersei Lannister isn't the nicest of people. In fact, she's probably one of the most treachorous in King's Landing, so it was about time she got a taste of her own medicine. We didn't expect it to be as harsh as it was. Walking through the streets naked and being humiliated by a woman screaming "Shame" at her, she walked back to the castle. But will it have changed her? Don't bet on it.

3. UnREAL - Britney's Meltdown

UnREAL - Britney's Meltdown
Back when UnREAL premiered, we had no clue how ruthless any of the characters would be. It led to poor Britney being a little too produced by Rachel and made her lose her mind on the set of Everlasting. You can only imagine our surprise when she was brought back the end of the season. No one can resist a wild card, right?

4. Bates Motel - Norman Continues His Descent Into Crazy Town

Bates Motel - Norman Continues His Descent Into Crazy Town
We all knew that it was about time that Norman dialed the crazy factor up to a 10. His obsession with his mother grew to dizzying new heights. He freaking sniffed her dress. WTF.

5. Revenge - Daniel Dies

Revenge - Daniel Dies
Who would've guessed that Emily would be nice to Daniel in his final living moments? Not us. Daniel was a villain. There's no denying that, but Emily wasn't twisted enough to let him leave this world without some comfort. The scene would bring tears to the hardest of people.

6. HTGAWM - Rebecca Is Dead

HTGAWM - Rebecca Is Dead
How to Get Away With Murder had a crazy good freshman run that made our heads spin with all the twists thrown our way. Just when we thought Rebecca's story was over, she popped back up and was totally kidnapped and then presumed missing. But then it was revealed that she was dead. Who did it? Is it September yet?

7. Empire - Cookie Almost Kills Lucious

Empire - Cookie Almost Kills Lucious
Lucious Lyon really is one of the most twisted men on TV, so it wasn't all that surprising that someone would want to end his reign of terror once and for all. That person was his ex wife, Cookie, who did seventeen years to protect him. In the scene, she found out Lucious was the one who killed her cousin and decided to take matters into her own hands.

8. The Flash - Eddie Dies

The Flash - Eddie Dies
The Flash may have had a little too many characters to care for all of them, but Eddie was instantly likeable. It sucks that we had to say goodbye to him like that and it will have ripple effect on the show going forward as Iris and everyone come to terms with it.

9. Once Upon a Time - Emma Becomes The Dark One

Once Upon a Time - Emma Becomes The Dark One
Will the residents of Storybrooke every get a freaking break? Everytime they rid that town of evil, a replacement pops up. This time, the savior became the town's worst enemy. The scene tugged our hearts because her loved ones just watched on in horror as her character transformed.

10. Scream - Nina's Murder

Scream - Nina's Murder
Adapting the Scream movies for the small screen was always going to be a tough task, but the first kill managed to emulate the best of the movies. You'd never guess it was a TV Show. Reports came to the surface that Bella Thorne ditched a lead role in Fox's Scream Queens because she felt being the first murder in this MTV slasher would be more iconic. She wasn't wrong.

11. The 100 - Clarke Kills Finn

The 100 - Clarke Kills Finn
The 100 really hit its stride in the sophomore run and taking out Finn was one of the best deaths ever on TV. It was heartbreaking. Sure, Finn did sort of bring it on himself, but everyone just watched their friend fall and they could do nothing to stop it.

12. The Vampire Diaries - Elena and Damon's Goodbye

The Vampire Diaries - Elena and Damon's Goodbye
Nina Dobrev's departure from the show was always going to be a tough thing to pull off, but the writers managed to craft a plausible goodbye for Elena. In her final scenes, she said goodbye to her love, Damon, with a dance. This would be the last time they laid eyes on each other until Bonnie dies. Nothing quite like a gut punch to end the season, right?

13. Parenthood - Final Scene

Parenthood - Final Scene
Parenthood was always a show about family and it went out with a scene that left us pondering what was to come for them. They all came together to spread Zeek's ashes and to play a game of baseball, the game he loved so much, as a family.

14. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Skye was a bit of a damp squib in Season 1, but somewhere along the way, she got VERY interesting and it sort of made up for her boring entrance. Who knew that throwing a few powers over to one of the weaker characters would make them one of the best on the show? Just look at the GIF. She's bad ass!

15. Humans - Niska Kills A Client

Humans - Niska Kills A Client
Niska was a robot who was being used for her body, but grew a back bone and decided she was not going to be the butt of anyone's jokes and it led to her accidentally killing a client. This one scene sent the character on a crazy journey as she struggled to stay on the right side of the law.

16. Outlander - Jamie Is Raped

Outlander - Jamie Is Raped
In a scene that transformed a hero into a victim, Randall brutally attacks Jamie and forces him to have sex with him. This was probably one of the most shocking scenes ever and it will likely continue to affect Jamie and his relationship with Claire going forward.

17. Pretty Little Liars - Game Over

Pretty Little Liars - Game Over
Sure, the reveal that Cece was the tormentor was powerful, but the scene in which Cece declares that the game is over was way more satisfying. The girls expected her to jump to her death, but she finally made the decision that there was no point in her continuing her reign of terror.

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