Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Life Is Fluid

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We've already had our first three show crossover of the season! 

The Intelligence crew met for drinks at Mollys at the end of Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 1 and were joined by Otis from Chicago Fire and Will from Chicago Med. Chances are we'll be seeing these mini crossovers pretty often. 

Too bad Jay had to miss out on the festivities as he recovered from his injuries. 

That was all pretty intense, wasn't it? From the first scene of Dawson talking his CI off a ledge, to the deal gone wrong at the airport, to Lindsay's superwoman take down, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I loved every minute of it! 

First off, we had a seriously violent criminal who did not even hesitate to kill his own brother. That was pretty cold. 

Of course, the entire case was set up as a way to bring Lindsay back into the mix. She spent the first half of the episode still partying it up and ignoring Halstead's calls. She wouldn't budge when he confronted her in person. Something big had to happen to force her to come back. At least she answered the phone when Olinsky called. 

As soon as Derek demanded a female make the drop, we knew it would end up being Lindsay. With her still spiraling, Burgess was the obvious choice, but Ruzek vetoed that idea pretty quickly. Something tells me she wouldn't be too happy about that if she knew, especially since she wants to move back upstairs. 

Dawson jumped in to suggest bringing someone else up, but I wonder why no one considered Platt as a possibility? She's proven she can handle herself in the field. 

Regardless, Lindsay shows up at exactly the right moment and volunteers her services. Voight reluctantly agrees, but not before laying a guilt trip on her that her not being there in the first place led to Halstead's kidnapping. That's a little bit of a leap, especially because if he really needed another pair of eyes, he could have brought Burgess along. But, it was an effective shot at Lindsay, and no one can blame the guy for being angry. 

Lindsay's take down of those goons was awesome and had me wondering if one of the drugs she was on included steroids. She and Halstead shared a couple of sweet moments. I'd say there's hope for these two yet, though living with Voight might put a damper on things.  

Voight: Listen Erin, you want to hold onto your badge, there's conditions. For starters you're going to live with me and take weekly drug tests.
Lindsay: I can do that.
Voight: And there's one more thing.
Lindsay: What's that?
Voight: I want you to sever all ties with your mother. Bunny is the cancer in your life and we both know it. Take it or leave it.

Lindsay accepted the first condition, but will she be able to finally cut her mom out of her life for good? Let's hope so. I'm done with Bunny. 

I have to say, I knew Voight would have conditions for Lindsay's return,  but I kind of figured therapy and/or rehab would be one of them along with the weekly drug tests.

Olinsky opened up to Platt about his daughter, and she pulled some strings to get her out of Juvenile Detention. We only got a brief scene between them, but I'm looking forward to seeing where that story line goes. Hopefully she doesn't end up involved in one of their cases down the line. 

What's going on with Roman? He's not exactly on board with Burgess and Ruzek's engagement and now she's found a needle in his bag. Maybe he's the one on steroids. 

While Roman isn't exactly jumping for joy for the newly betrothed, Platt is surprisingly invested. How great was Burgess' face when she pulled out that book? 

Roman: What the hell is that?
Platt: My wedding planner from when I was engaged.
Roman: To what?
Platt: Tiger Beat go get some coffee. This is girl talk.

If I were Burgess, I'd find a wedding planner fast

What do we think of the guys' new haircuts? I'm not sure I'm loving Ruzek's, but Halstead's suits him. 

Ruzek made Atwater his best man. He's living up the engaged life, but will these two actually get married this season? 

It looks like Lindsay will officially be back in Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 2. That's going to be a seriously uncomfortable conversation with Bunny. 

If you missed any of the action, you can watch Chicago PD online anytime!

Life Is Fluid Review

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Roman: What the hell is that?
Platt: My wedding planner from when I was engaged.
Roman: To what?
Platt: Tiger Beat go get some coffee. This is girl talk.

I don't know who you are, but tell Lindsay she made me a better cop, if you ever see her again.