Empire Round Table: Hakeem's Big Choice

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Just what is going on with Boo Boo Kitty?

A once fearsome, strong woman has suddenly become a shell of who she used to be. The woman you used to hate has turned into the woman you feel sorry for? That just can't be. 

Empire Season 2 Episode 4 found Anika struggling, Andre getting his wish and Hakeem pondering a pretty big decision. TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Carissa Pavlica and Whitney Evans are here to discuss all that and more...

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What was your favorite quote or scene?

Paul: Cookie and the lawyer finding some common ground talking about weaves and wigs. I spat my drink out. Cookie's hilarious.

Carissa: I didn't really have one, but I do have an observation. Michael is a freaky ass dude who needs to go. Is he going to turn into a psycho killer or something? He is one of the most possessive and jealous guys I've ever seen. I have no idea why Jamal is with him. Wish he had stayed away.

Whitney: There was something about Hakeem drinking casually at a jazz bar that just made me crack up. I understand it was necessary so he could find his new lead singer, but it was just so unbelievable I couldn't stop laughing.

Do you feel bad for Anika? Or do you feel like she's getting what she deserves?

Paul: A bit of both. Sure, she was treacherous, but everyone on this show is. I'm actually rooting for her to get a one up on Cookie now because of how bitchy Cookie has been to her now that she's the low man on the totem poll. Cookie surely knows what it feels to be at the bottom by now.

Carissa: Both, as well. But I want the women to band together to fight their common enemy. They have to cut the crap. If Cookie knew Lucious was lying, then why do what she did? Why poke a hornet's nest? That seemed like a mistake she shouldn't have made.

Whitney: I actually did feel bad for her because in that moment she seemed just utterly beaten down. She's far from perfect, but she seemed to be somewhat good at her job, and Cookie could use all the help she can get starting Dynasty.

Did you think Hakeem would rejoin Empire?

Paul: I did. I pegged him to go wherever the power was and I'm glad I was mistaken. He's becoming way more likeable this season and I'm happy about that.

Carissa: Not this soon in the game, but I thought he'd toy with the notion. Thank goodness for the painting (which was nothing special, in my opinion). I'm liking Hakeem more and more as he stands up to both of his parents. "We're moguls now." LOL

Whitney: I agree with you both. Hakeem is a much more likeable character in Empire Season 2, and I'm loving his relationship with Cookie. For that reason, I desperately didn't want Hakeem to cross over to the dark side, but I fully expected him to do it. I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't fall for Lucious's crap.

Was the video shoot impressive or over the top?

Paul: Over the top, but this is Empire, so everything is!

Carissa: Meh, probably typical for a video shoot. But I was surprised that with all the BS flying around about "art" they didn't see the value in shooting that fight and keeping it in the video and taking it to print, finishing the thing with Jamal only. Maybe they'll surprise me and do just that. Better story than brotherly love.

Whitney: It was totally over the top but it fit with the message of the song. The set piece was pretty huge and I agree with Carissa, they should keep that fight in the video.

Are you glad Andre is back at Empire?

Paul: I knew it was coming, and Andre is the most boring character on the show, so I could care less about him.

Carissa: No. Empire is bad for him. It turned him into a criminal. Yay. I still say he's making a beeline for doom before the end of Empire Season 2. Whether he dies or goes to prison, he's on his way. God is speaking to him now. Those voices in his head will get him into trouble. On the plus side, Rhonda's hair looked cute.

Whitney: Andre needs serious help, and I don't think being back at Empire is good for his psyche.

On a scale of 1-10, how big is Jamal's head?

Paul: 11! He's become so tedious because of all the power. He's went from my favorite character to one of my least favorite.

Carissa: As big as his daddy wants it to be. When it starts approaching the size of Lucious' it will be remolded, make no mistake. LOL

Whitney: It's off the charts, honestly. He needs a reality check like yesterday. He really is becoming a mini Lucious.

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