17 TV Characters in Desperate Need of a New Personality

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TV has a wide array of different characters that keep us glued to the show they are in. 

Some characters are pretty good and manage to engage us week in, week out, but then there are some just fall flat. It comes down to the characters' personality and if they don't have one, what's the point in watching?

You can't deny that this list of characters need a new personality. The majority of them are obnoxious. Give these characters a new personality and we'd be much more invested in their character arcs.

1. Belle - Once Upon a Time

Belle - Once Upon a Time
Rumbelle fans were in a flurry when Belle got closer to Knave in the second half of Season 4, but what does everyone see in this chick? Sure she has the looks, but the doesn't have the personality to match it. She always sees the best in people and struggles to accept when they are revealed to be evil. Boring.

2. Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead
There was a point when Rick could effortlessly be a leader to his people, but that ship sailed long ago with his personality. This once likeable character has become a mere shell of his former self, to the point his dialog just doesn't seem to correspond with Andrew Lincoln's acting. Write this character some decent material, folks!

3. Lucious Lyon - Empire

Lucious Lyon - Empire
Lucious is cold blooded killer who revels in making his family feel his wrath. He let his baby mama, Cookie, take the fall for a drug bust that cost her seventeen years inside and he never visited her once. You’d think that he would have seen the error of his ways when he faced death, but it just made him more treacherous.

4. Wick Briggs - Blood & Oil

Wick Briggs - Blood & Oil
We know Scott Michael Foster is a fine actor, but his character in ABC's sudsy freshman drama is as boring as sin. He has a constant scowl on his face that seems to get the ladies into his bed, but that's about all there is to him. Let's hope he gets some decent material before the show is canceled.

5. Lance - Arrow

Lance - Arrow
There's no denying that detective Lance has had a rough few years, but he could at least find a way to put his differences aside with some people. He seems like he is stuck in a rut where he thinks everyone is trying to attack Star City. That's all there is to him at this stage. He needs to like start dating or something, but he might bore his date to death.

6. Tamara - Awkward

Tamara - Awkward
Tamara was the strongest character on Awkward initially, but poor writing has made her into this horrible, horrible person that appears deranged. Her faux engagement and Adam in general further sent her into mediocrity. All she does is complain and it’s high time she got a reality check. The world doesn't revolve around her and her beautiful red hair.

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